This week on The Underdog:

On this week’s episode Chris Horwedel and Anshu Khanna talk about:

  • The Clemson Tigers have won this year’s NCAA Football Championship
  • Why don’t teams seem to care about free agency starting in the MLB?
  • Jon Jay, Kelvin Herrera, David Robertson, and Zach Britton have new teams
  • What’s the latest on Manny Machado and Bryce Harper?
  • The Packers, Cardinals, and Bucs have new head coaches
  • NFL Playoff picks brought to you by Skybook Sportsbook

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Very likely the only website contributor who is also an NFL owner (yes, a family member once bought into one of those valueless stock sales and gifted him a share of the Green Bay Packers), Anshu has been #belt-ing his way into your hearts and loins since joining Chris Horwedel's NFL Draft Blitz circa 2007 and contributing to ProFootballFocus starting in 2010. A lifelong Chicagoan with Wisconsin ties, this King In The North spends his winters attached to the United and Kohl Center hardwoods and ice rinks, as well as to the Frozen Tundras of Lambeau Field and Camp Randall Stadium. His summers are occupied by keeping a watchful eye on the White Sox farm system and creepily monitoring spandex-ed NFL Draftees. Expect a nerd-out and judgmental elitism. Also, made-up words.


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