Eric Molina has been disqualified for an Anti-Doping rules violation

Eric Molina
Eric Molina has been suspended for 2 years.

Erik Molina has been disqualified for two years for an anti-doping rules violation. The press service of the British Anti-Doping Agency(UKAD) reported this news.

The dope test was done after the fight with the British fighter Anthony Joshua December 11, 2016. The specialists found the banned substance dexamethasone in this test. Moreover, the period of disqualification is counted from October 28, 2017.

By the way, the theme of doping is very real in boxing. Nowadays, there is a big list of doping scandals which influenced the future carrier of fighters. The boxers use different substances thoughtlessly. As result, they are disqualified for an indefinite period of time. Usually, the fighters of MMA use as a doping the various forms of Testosterone and the safest drug HGH(Somatropin). Somatropin increases muscle mass, strengthen the immunity and improve the endurance to achieve better results. By the way, it does not cause difficulties to find HGH supplements. Moreover, there are a lot of sources and online shops with HGH for sale.

What do we know about Eric Molina? He is the American boxer with the Mexican roots who fight in the heavyweight category. Also, Molina is a champion in heavyweight by a version of NABF in heavyweight in 2013. Furthermore, he is champion of the Texas and two-time contender of the title of world champion in 2015 and 2016. He has great deserts which make him a successful fighter.

The professional carrier in boxing, Eric Molina began on March 17, 2007. He loses the fight with the American boxer Ashanti Jordan at that time.

Fight with Warren Browning

Molina won the vacant US title by the version of WBS on August 13, 2011. It was the heavyweight category and he won with the technical knockout in the 3rd round with the Warren Browning (14-1-1).

Fight with Chris Areola

February 18, 2012, Eric lost the US title by the version of WBS(USNBC) in the fight with American fighter Chris Areola. This fight was very difficult. As result, Arreola struck a powerful right cross in the temple and sent Eriс Molina into a deep knockout.

Fight with Tomasz Adamek

April 2, 2016, Eric Molina was fighting in Poland for the title of inter-continental champion IBF. He fought with the ex-world champion Tomasz Adamek. In this fight, he won with the winning right hook.

As we see, Erik Molina managed to become the popular and successful fighter with a lot of victories. What do you think about his disqualification? Is this a correct decision?


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