ESforce has rewarded Virtus Pro

Virtus Pro are the longest standing roster in CSGO. The roster has been together for several years. Despite hitting rock bottom in 2015, they did not effect a roster change.In the words of the veteran Taz, they believe in their players and do not see a roster change being the answer to bad results.

Overtime this theory has proved to be correct. Virtus Pro have not only made a comeback in form but are actually considered one of the best CSGO teams right now. They reached the finals of the Eleague Major in 2017. The finals were extremely close and Virtus Pro was actually on the verge of winning the major. But things did not work out in the rounds towards the end and they ultimately lost the map and the tournament.

In a report Anton Cherepennikov shared his plans for the future of esports in the CIS region. Anton Cherepennikov is the co-owner of Esports ESforce the parent company behind teams like Virtus Pro and Alliance.

He also reveals that the player salary for Virtus Pro CSGO team is currently at $25000 per month per player. This is quite huge for esports in general as it shows that players can make a living off playing professionally in esports. This is the base player salary which is apart from the prize money and expenses incurred by the organization. The Virtus Pro organization is one of the most loved and well-known teams in CSGO. The massive support shown for the Polish side in Atlanta was a testimony to their popularity.

The article mentions other financial and strategic plans for Virtus Pro and ESforce in the CIS region. This includes having tournament stadiums, Assets, broadcast studios, talent and teams from the region.

With eSports increasing in popularity and the arrival of several non-endemic sponsors into eSports; there is a lot of money coming into esports. We already have examples of companies such asSnickers, Audi, Gfuel entering into sponsorship deals with several teams. NBA teams have been investing heavily into esports teams and that has proved to be a confidence booster for other organizations eyeing the esports industry.

Virtus Pro was one of the first teams to sign a long term contract for their CSGO roster. It was one of the deal-breaker conditions for them as they negotiated their contracts with the Virtus Pro organization. This increase in their base salary definitely has shown the confidence that the organization has in the players.



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