Digital Chaos takes home the ESL ONE Genting Cup

ESL Genting
Digital Chaos took home first place.

If there was any doubt that Digital Chaos was a Tier 1 team, a nerve wrecking five-game grand final series would prove otherwise and Digital Chaos are your ESL ONE GENTING Champions taking home the first title of 2017 along with $125,000USD! They emerged triumphant against Virtus Pro in the first series of the day 2-0 with MoonMeander landing several clutch burrostrike-epicenter combos in both games securing themselves a spot in top 2.

Newbee were led to a drawn out BO3 series where they emerged victorious 2-1 with a nerve wrecking game 3 which passed the hour mark. Both teams fighting to remain in the tournament fought with their hearts and souls and eventually edged ahead of Wings after catching Faith_Bian’s BroodMother and iceice’s Earthshaker without buy backs to secure a spot in the grand finals.

The grand final, however, is one for the history books. Up until now, Digital Chaos has only been a champion in the hearts of DotA 2 fans and in game 1, Digital Chaos faltered to the might of Newbee who dominated the game giving up core kills on the Shadow Fiend and Juggernaut while watching Newbee chip away at their base. Game 2 saw both teams drafting greedy farm heavy carries with DC picking Naga Siren, Legion Commander along with a tempo controlling Ursa while Newbee grabbed Ember Spirit and Morphling. W33 on the Ursa and Resolution emerged top two on the net worth leaderboard as the game approached the mid game while Newbee’s carries struggled to find any sort of significant farm. Despite Resolution picking up radiance at minute 15, Newbee mounted a valiant defense dragging the game out to 54minutes and conceded defeat after Sccc on the ember made a fatal mistake getting caught out of position without buyback.

Game 3 saw Newbee picking up the Underlord as a counter initiator and gaining a huge amount of momentum and picking up a huge Rosh fight picking off W33 on the OD and MoonMeander on the DarkSeer despite a fantastic vacuum-wall combo. Newbee proceeded to take ageis and with a smoke at minute 24 showed the extent of their net worth advantage tanking multiple ultimates from OD, Dark Seer, and Juggernaut while coming out on top. Barely five minutes later, had Newbee begun the high ground siege laying waste to Digital Chaos and forcing the Americans to tap out. Game 4 saw Newbee pick up the Underlord once again hoping to replicate the successful counter initiations of game 3 along with Luna and Dragon Knight. However, Digital Chaos responded with an aggressive crowd control heavy line up which focuses on heavy aggression with the Slark, Leshrac and Sand King along with a Bounty Hunter. Newbee edged ahead in map control at minute 13 with the Dragon Knight sieging high ground taking half the bottom tier 3 tower’s health before Digital Chaos could respond. A moment of hilarity ensued when Newbee baited an epicenter from MoonMeander with a canceled dark rift from Underlord. However, nothing came out it as Newbee for reasons unknown retreated hastily seconds later.

The Bounty Hunter pick, however, paid off with Digital Chaos securing track kill after track kill in the mid game providing them with much-needed gold and tilting the tempo in their favor. The pushing power of the Leshrac and Sand King proved to be vastly superior to the Dragon Knight as while Newbee would five-man down a lane to take objectives, Digital Chaos split pushing with the Leshrac in one lane and Sand King pushing down another forced Newbee to concede their final outer tower at minute 20 without mounting a defense thus losing their shrines and quick jungle access points. Newbee trapped in their base afraid to even step outside or face the wrath of Resolution on the Slark who at minute 25 amassed 15k in net worth in no small part to due the track gold and solo kills. Newbee suffering from severe starvation of farm attempted a smoke gank at minute 28 which failed miserably giving up a team wipe for a measly low value kill on the Bounty Hunter calling ‘GG’ even before the fight was over.

The final game is one for the history books. Digital Chaos pulled off an amazing escape at minute eight on w33’s Queen of Pain and Misery on the Mirana showing off their individual mechanical skill to the cheers of the crowd. Digital Chaos punished the five-man aggressiveness of Newbee by denying fights turtling under the tier 1 tower. Digital Chaos took full control of the game with a 10k gold lead at minute 17 and despite a valiant effort from Newbee taking down w33 at two minutes later, Digital Chaos blew up the Chinese squad showing how far ahead they were. Barring back to back throws from Digital Chaos, Newbee could only huddle together and shuffle around helplessly as they were picked off one by one. Digital Chaos began to siege high ground at minute 28 but was fended off by Newbee despite the supports sinking well below the poverty line. Much like game 4, Newbee gambled on a high risk smoke gank at minute 31 but once again failed in a truly spectacular fashion as MoonMeander on the Centaur got a three man hoof stomp onto the Chinese squad once again forcing a ‘GG’ call before the fight ends much to the delight of MoonMeander who was on the verge of tears he could hardly speak in the post-game interview.

ESL ONE GENTING final standings and prize pool split:

  • 1st Place – Digital Chaos $125,000 USD
  • 2nd Place – Newbee $50,000 USD
  • 3rd / 4th Place – Virtus Pro $22,500 USD
  • 3rd / 4th Place – Wings Pro $22,500 USD
  • 5th / 6th Place – NP $10,000 USD
  • 5th / 6th Place – Execration $10,000 USD
  • 7th / 8th Place – WG.Unity $5,000 USD
  • 7th / 8th Place – Fnatic $5,000 USD


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