A at the ESL One Genting DotA 2 event

ESL Genting
We review the action from Day 1.

The dust has settled on the first day of ESL One GENTING, where eight teams across Europe, North America, China and South East Asia duked it out for a piece of $250,000 USD in the prize pool. Split into two groups where one team from each region are placed in, Chinese representatives Newbee TI4 champions dominated the group A and utterly destroyed anyone who stood in their way. Newbee’s fast and aggressive play style dominated the American representatives NP and the European representatives Virtus Pro securing their spot in the playoffs.

Down in group B American representatives, Digital Chaos reigned supreme and ate the Philippine squad Execration alive and closed the game in just under 30mins. In their second match of the day, the American squad faced current TI champions Wings in an epic TI6 grand finale rematch. With Digital Chaos looking shaky in Game 1, Wings looked to be in a commanding position to secure a spot in the playoffs. However, Digital Chaos regrouped during the break before Game 2 and charged their way to two consecutive wins with incredible clutch plays from Rasmus “Misery-‘ Filipsen, Aliwi “w33” Omar and David “MoonMeander” Tan securing their spot in the playoffs.

The second day will feature four elimination games where only one team from each group will advance into the playoffs. In group A, NP will face South East Asian squad Fnatic in the first elimination match of the day and the victor will face the Russian bears Virtus Pro. Over in group B, two South East Asian squads Execration and WG.Unity will duke it out to face current TI champion Wings who looks to take the first title of 2017 after suffering an early exit in the Boston Major held in December against TI5 champions Evil Geniuses.

Day 2 Schedule:

  • Jan 7, 03:30 CET / Jan 7, 10:30 SGT – Fnatic vs NP (Group A Elimination)
  • Jan 7, 07:05 CET / Jan 7, 14:05 SGT – Execration vs WG.Unity (Group B Elimination)
  • Jan 7, 10:30 CET / Jan 7, 17:40 SGT – Virtus Pro vs Winner of Group A Elimination (Group A decider)
  • Jan 7, 14:15 CET / Jan 7, 21:15 SGT – Wings vs Winner of Group B Elimination (Group B decider)

Predictions for the first two match ups

  • Fnatic vs NP : NP Victory (2:0)
  • Execration vs WG.Unity: WG.Unity Victory (2:1)


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