An update of the EU LCS rosters

European LCS has given us a lot of surprises the previous splits. Not only Origen’s failure in summer split 2016 but the sudden rise of Giants Gaming and Splyce are some of those.  Internationally, it’s been a roller coaster for the EU region. At first, there was a huge disappointment at MSI. However, later on, the season on Worlds, an EU team (H2K) managed to reach the semifinal, while no other “not Korean” team achieved that.
For this split, teams look to build up strong and stable rosters in order to find success this season.  
Let’s dive into the rosters that are confirmed so far

Top lane: Expect
Jungle: Trick
Mid lane: PerkZ
AD Carry: Zven
Support: Mithy

Top lane: sOAZ
Jungle: Amazing
Mid lane: Caps
AD Carry: Rekkles
Support: Jesse

Top lane: Odoamne
Jungle: Jankos
Mid lane: Febiven
AD Carry: Nuclear
Supprot: Chei

Unicorns Of Love

Top lane: Vizicsacsi
Jungle: Xerxe
Mid lane: Exileh
AD Carry: Veritas
Support: Hylissang

Top lane: Wunder
Jungle: Trashy
Mid lane: Sencux
AD Carry: Kobbe
Support: Mikyx

Top lane: Alphari
Jungle: KaKAO
Mid lane  PowerOfEvil
AD Carry: Hans Sama
Support: IgNar

Team Vitality
Top lane: Cabochard
Jungle: TBA ( To Be Announced )
Mid lane: Nukeduck
AD Carry: Steeelback
Support: Hachani

Origen and Roccat have not announced any member of their rosters so far, while Giants have only announced that Flaxxish will be their new top laner and NighT their mid laner.


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