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trade values week 6
What should you do with Amari Cooper?

Week 6 is upon us and the injury bug has not been kind to the league.

This week we pour one out for Odell and JJ Watt (and their owners) as they were lost for the season. While it’s frustrating for owners who lost those players, it opens up potential opportunities for trades. The Odell owner in your league may be looking for some WR help and if they have a solid RB stable or 2 good QB’s you may be able to work something out.

Personally, I lost Cook and Carson last week and Odell this week, so my team has taken a beating. I know there are plenty of others out there with similar stories. Owners who have lost David Johnson, Allen Robinson, Cook, Carson, Odell, Eifert, and the list goes on, may be looking to add some depth to their rosters. This is when you can come in and potentially get a trade through that normally may not be accepted.

Quick note – Make sure that you look at the other owner’s team and offer them something that can conceivably benefit them as well. If I have 3 stud WR’s and you offer me a 4th good WR for my best RB, I’m not accepting it because it does me no good to lose out on a RB to get a WR who I will have to bench. Don’t be an idiot when you trade, try and have it make sense for the other team as well.

With that, here are a couple of players that are worth looking at buying low on as their owners may be a little frustrated.

Amari Cooper

Cooper has been absolutely terrible this year, catching a total of 4! Balls over the past 3 weeks. It can’t really get worse. I wouldn’t give up much for him, but if you have an owner who is tired of him, you may be able to get him for very little.

The good news: it sounds like Derek Carr has a chance to play this week, which is a good thing Cooper, and you have to imagine that he begins to turn things around.

Possible trade candidates: Martavis Bryant, Tarik Cohen, Adam Thielen

The Risk: You are banking on his upside. He has not been good for almost a full season, but we know the talent is there somewhere.

Doug Baldwin

Seattle has once again gotten off to a slow start, but they have consistently been able to turn things around in previous years. Baldwin has been hampered by an injury the past couple of weeks and has had two duds in a row.

The good news: He has a bye this week, which hopefully allows him to heal up. Russell Wilson is playing well, which bodes well for the whole offense.

Possible trade candidates: CJ Anderson, Davante Adams, Demaryius Thomas, DeMarco Murray

Carlos Hyde

Hyde is coming off of a bad game, in which Breida ended up with more carries, yards, and receptions than him. It is a little unclear as to how much Hyde’s injury affected his playing time and how much was the “hot hand” approach that Shanahan said he was taking.

The good news: Hyde is the better running back and he has had a great year up until this point. There is always a little injury risk, but he is currently running back 11 in half-point ppr, after a dismal 2.3 point game. I see him finishing inside the top 15 and think you may be able to get him on the cheap right now.

Possible trade candidates: Demaryius Thomas, Chris Hogan, Joe Mixon, Michael Crabtree

Jay Ajayi

Ajayi has started off very slowly, but it is more a product of the Dolphins offense than it is of Ajayi’s talent. He has had three bad weeks in a row and his owners are probably open to dumping him.

The Good News: 27 touches. Ajayi received 27 touches last week. With that type of volume, he is going to be able to produce and he doesn’t have any real competition in the backfield for touches.

Possible Trade Candidates: Michael Crabtree, Chris Hogan, Demaryius Thomas, Tyreek Hill

Mark Ingram

Ingram has seemingly one of the weirdest relationships with his team. He is a very talented running back, but most fantasy owners would swear that Sean Payton hates him. He hasn’t done a whole lot so far this season, but he also hasn’t been terrible.

The Good News: With the departure of Adrian Peterson, Ingram should receive a slightly increased and a more consistent workload. He will also be the goal line back for the team. Kamara will still get his, but Ingram should be a solid RB2 from here on out, and he is past his bye. If you can get him for a flex type player, I would do it.

Possible Trade Candidates: Devante Parker, Kelvin Benjamin, Marshawn Lynch, Jarvis Landry

Alright, on to the week 6 trade values!

1Antonio Brown$84WR1PIT9
1Le’Veon Bell$84RB1PIT9
1Kareem Hunt$84RB2KC10
1A.J. Green$83WR2CIN6
1Ezekiel Elliott$83RB3DAL6
2Mike Evans$75WR3TB1
2Leonard Fournette$74RB4JAC8
2Devonta Freeman$74RB5ATL5
2Todd Gurley$74RB6LAR8
2Julio Jones$74WR4ATL5
3Michael Thomas$67WR5NO5
3Jordy Nelson$67WR6GB8
3Melvin Gordon$66RB7LAC9
3DeAndre Hopkins$66WR7HOU7
3LeSean McCoy$66RB8BUF6
4Brandin Cooks$60WR8NE9
4Dez Bryant$60WR9DAL6
4Jordan Howard$59RB9CHI9
4Doug Martin$59RB10TB1
4Stefon Diggs$59WR10MIN9
4Keenan Allen$59WR11LAC9
4Rob Gronkowski$59TE1NE9
5Jay Ajayi$54RB11MIA1
5Doug Baldwin$54WR12SEA6
5C.J. Anderson$54RB12DEN5
5Aaron Rodgers$53QB1GB8
5Tyreek Hill$53WR13KC10
5Carlos Hyde$53RB13SF11
5T.Y. Hilton$53WR14IND11
5Travis Kelce$52TE2KC10
6Davante Adams$48WR15GB8
6Tom Brady$48QB2NE9
6Lamar Miller$47RB14HOU7
6Chris Hogan$47WR16NE9
6DeMarco Murray$47RB15TEN8
6Michael Crabtree$47WR17OAK10
6Joe Mixon$47RB16CIN6
6Zach Ertz$47TE3PHI10
7Larry Fitzgerald$42WR18ARI8
7Demaryius Thomas$42WR19DEN5
7Emmanuel Sanders$41WR20DEN5
7Golden Tate$41WR21DET7
7Alshon Jeffery$41WR22PHI10
7Drew Brees$41QB3NO5
7Ameer Abdullah$41RB17DET7
7Christian McCaffrey$41RB18CAR11
7Mark Ingram$40RB19NO5
7Ty Montgomery$40RB20GB8
8Devante Parker$36WR23MIA1
8Kelvin Benjamin$36WR24CAR11
8Tevin Coleman$35RB21ATL5
8Marshawn Lynch$35RB22OAK10
8Pierre Garcon$35WR25SF11
8Jarvis Landry$34WR26MIA1
8Russell Wilson$34QB4SEA6
8Amari Cooper$34WR27OAK10
8Mike Gillislee$34RB23NE9
9Randall Cobb$30WR28GB8
9Jimmy Graham$30TE4SEA6
9Dak Prescott$30QB5DAL6
9Duke Johnson$30RB24CLE9
9Adam Thielen$30WR29MIN9
9Delanie Walker$29TE5TEN8
9Terrelle Pryor$29WR30WAS5
9Matt Ryan$29QB6ATL5
9Sammy Watkins$29WR31LAR8
9Alvin Kamara$29RB25NO5
9DeSean Jackson$28WR32TB1
9Jordan Reed$28TE6WAS5
9Devin Funchess$28WR33CAR11
9Tarik Cohen$28RB26CHI9
9Martavis Bryant$28WR34PIT9
10Kirk Cousins$23QB7WAS5
10Deshaun Watson$23QB8HOU7
10Cam Newton$23QB9CAR11
10Kyle Rudolph$23TE7MIN9
10Bilal Powell$25RB27NYJ11
10Jameis Winston$23QB10TB1
10Javorius Allen$22RB28BAL10
10LeGarrette Blount$22RB29PHI10
10Carson Wentz$22QB11PHI10
10Willie Snead$22WR35NO5
10Isaiah Crowell$22RB30CLE9
10Jeremy Maclin$22WR36BAL10
10Rishard Matthews$22WR37TEN8
10Derrick Henry$24RB31TEN8
10Alex Smith$21QB12KC10
10Tyrell Williams$21WR38LAC9
11Martellus Bennett$18TE8GB8
11Hunter Henry$18TE9LAC9
11Evan Engram$18TE10NYG8
11Chris Thompson$18RB32WAS5
11Frank Gore$20RB33IND11
11Sterling Shepard$18WR39NYG8
11Philip Rivers$17QB13LAC9
11Matthew Stafford$17QB14DET7
11James White$17RB34NE9
11Marcus Mariota$17QB15TEN8
11Marvin Jones$17WR40DET7
11Cooper Kupp$17WR41LAR8
11Aaron Jones$17RB35GB8
11Cameron Brate$17TE11TB1
11John Brown$17WR42ARI8
11Jonathan Stewart$19RB36CAR11
11Marqise Lee$16WR43JAC8
11Robert Kelley$16RB37WAS5
11Andrew Luck$16QB16IND11
12Derek Carr$16QB17OAK10
12Jason Witten$16TE12DAL6
12Donte Moncrief$16WR44IND11
12Will Fuller$16WR45HOU7
12Mike Wallace$16WR46BAL10
12Jamison Crowder$16WR47WAS5
12Andre Ellington$16RB38ARI8
12Danny Amendola$16WR48NE9
12Ben Roethlisberger$15QB18PIT9
12Jerick McKinnon$17RB39MIN9
12Andy Dalton$15QB19CIN6
12Marlon Mack$15RB40IND11
12Latavius Murray$17RB41MIN9
12Austin Seferian-Jenkins$15TE13NYJ11
12Coby Fleener$15TE14NO5
12Thomas Rawls$16RB42SEA6
12Allen Hurns$15WR49JAC8



  1. It was my first time looking at your trade values last week and the thing that I most liked was the 2:1 trade multiplier. It helped me push through some trades that worked wonderfully. I am not seeing the multiplier on these rankings. Was that a one-time thing or should I apply a certain multiplier to each tier?


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