Frank Mason (PG, Kansas)


Measurables: 6’0”, 6’3”, 188 lbs, 23.1 years old


  • Outstanding 3 point shooter – 47% on 5 attempts a game
  • Very skilled drawing fouls
  • Value stats, overall stats very good, improved every year
  • Very fast in open floor, gets to rim
  • Not afraid of contact around rim, finishes into guys or draws fouls
  • Strong frame, physical on both ends
  • Able to use crafty finishes against size
  • Smart passer when he gets to break down defenses
  • Aggressive defender, not afraid to stick with guys
  • Greatest success (senior season) came in NBA-style spread offense
  • Really good running PnR consistently through career


  • Already 23
  • Height will always be a problem
  • Doesn’t have wingspan to make up for lack of height
  • 5 ast a game is good but not great – could create for others more
  • Basically already at his ceiling
  • Doesn’t have great “pure point guard” skills
  • Will have to rely on craftiness/foul drawing near rim – is just too small against NBA length
  • Middling efficiency inside arc – 50% on 2 point shots is bad
  • Success will largely depend on which team he ends up with


  • Mason’s age and height are both big issues for him, but he’s a very talented player who has proven everything at the college level. While, especially for seniors, that doesn’t always translate, Mason’s 3 point shooting and poise running an offense will earn him a spot on a roster, and potentially a role as a day-one backup point guard even if he goes undrafted. He’s pretty much at his ceiling, but he’ll be able to be a useful backup right away.



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