A look at Gears of War 4 fight nights

Gears of War 4
Gears of War 4 Fight Nights continued this week.

Wednesday night Gears of War 4 fight nights continued with two great matchups on stream first pitting two of the youngest teams in the game against each other. The first series was being called the “Battle of the Young Gods” for their youth and talent and featured Envision vs Justice. Justice came out on top with the first two victories to win the series 2-0.

The second series of the night was between Echo Fox and Allegiance, both of whom are some of the best, most experienced players but with new team names. Echo Fox captain Soto, former EnvyUs player, lead them to victory against Allegiance in only 2 maps.

They won each of them by a large margin of 7-3. Allegiance played some of their best games last weekend in London but did not look to be at their highest performance level Wednesday evening.

The next Gears of War 4 LAN event isn’t until January 21st in Mexico City, where surely these teams will meet one another again with the ultimate goal of dethroning Optic Gaming.

In the meantime, this weekend (December 17th) Microsoft stores across the continent are holding their own LAN events that anyone can enter and play in. Tune in at live.gearsofwar.com next Wednesday where four new teams will face off against each other live for another Gears Fight Night.

To find a Microsoft store supporting a LAN tournament this weekend near you, go to https://gearsofwar.com/en-us/community/news/microsoft-store-tournaments and sign up with a team or as a free agent to be entered on one. Good luck!



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