Harry Giles (C/PF, Duke)


Measurables: 6’10.5”, 7’3” wingspan, 232 lbs, 19.1 years old


  • Great size at center at near-6’11” with a 7’3” wingspan
  • Even through rusty season was able to show rebounding ability – 19.1 TRB%
  • Very agile even last year at Duke, when he was recovering from injury
  • Plays very hard and runs the floor very well
  • Flashes of PnR rolling ability with quickness/bounce – 61% at rim in half court
  • Phenomenal lob threat just hanging out around rim
  • Flashed greatness on defense – remarkable quickness, very smart using length
  • Was great athlete last season despite bulky knee brace/recovery
  • Great quickness, flies around perimeter, can cover PnR switches
  • Good hands/instincts – 1.7 STL%, 5.6 BLK% at Duke
  • Frame looks as though it will carry extra weight well
  • Phenomenal motor – not afraid to dive on floor
  • Plays through the whistle on defense – great motor
  • Motor+length+bounce can make him elite rebounder in time
  • Flashed touch near rim on offense, good jump hook
  • Pre-Duke flashed some straight-line drive ability
  • At center spot, doesn’t need to be big scorer to have impact
  • Has mobility to defend 4s in big lineups


  • Injury history is a serious concern – torn left ACL, MCL, meniscus, torn right ACL, another left-knee procedure
  • Poor free throw shooting in small sample at Duke – 50%
  • Very little playmaking ability – 5.6 AST% to 16.8 TOV%
  • Struggled to score at Duke – 13.6 PTS/40 – relied heavily on others
  • Needs to add strength, like almost any prospect
  • Really needs to check defensive discipline – 7.7 PF/40
  • Relies mostly on motor/physicality to get points
  • Jump shot needs a ton of work before it’s a threat
  • Offensive IQ, footwork need to improve
  • Needs to play more relaxed on the offensive end
  • Looks lost on offense at times – very poor feel/understanding
  • Clearly diminished confidence due to injuries – speeds up easy finishes, gets in his own head
  • Defensive understanding suffered due to injuries – overly handsy, takes bad angles covering help/PnR
  • Needs to be better engaged mentally on defense
  • Gets swipey instead of vertical near rim at times
  • Tentative protecting rim at times – fear of contact due to injury?
  • Given reliance on athleticism, full injury recovery is very important


  • Giles had millions taken from him by injuries, as he was an almost sure top-5 pick in this draft before a barrage of knee injuries knocked him down. Even through a bulky knee brace and clear rust, Giles flashed a lot at Duke last year, showing off rare mobility for a guy his size and utilizing his athleticism to an awesome extent. He needs to add strength and improve his IQ but his agility and explosiveness alone make him easy to project as an impact defender. Even through his obstacles last season he was a phenomenal rebounder, which is a skill that can almost be counted on as a guarantee to translate to the NBA. Offensively, he’s mostly reliant on his phenomenal motor, but he’s shown flashes of touch and driving ability. Along with the flashes came bumps in the road – foul trouble, poor midrange shooting, and other issues – but Giles, if fully healthy, has ridiculous upside and ability. It’s a matter of whether or not a team believes in his ability to stay healthy because on pure talent he’s one of the top guys in this class.


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