Gearing up for the Heavy Metal Machines European Championship


While MOBAs have ruled the eSports scene for a few years now, many of them follow the same format. Two or three lanes with competing heroes charging at each other and mindless NPCs fill the screen, and, typically, the goal is to defeat the other team’s home base. Many of them have a third person view that is consistent across all players with the only change being the screen is centered on each player’s character. Some MOBAs have tried to mix this up, such as SMITE with their first-person view. Heavy Metal Machines attempts to change up the formula by adding a significant Death Race atmosphere. The battles are fast-paced and constantly mobile. Players navigate the racetrack of a map, avoiding traps, downing opponents, and carrying bombs to the other team’s base. A snippet of the gameplay is below, directly from the creators of Heavy Metal Machines:

As of July 1st, the first ever Heavy Metal Machines official tournament has been running through qualifying rounds, preparing for the July 23 start date. The tournament, Heavy Metal Machines European Championship, is a completely open tournament for the game, and while it is taking place in Europe and on a European time schedule, anyone can take part if they can handle the lag.

On July 23, the tournament will begin in a double elimination bracket. All matches will be played except for the grand finals and loser bracket finals. Essentially, by the end of the day, 5th-8th places will be determined. On July 30, the loser bracket finals and the grand finals will take place, officially crowning one team the Heavy Metal Machines European Championship tournament champions.

The prize distribution out of a €10,000 prize pool is as follows.

1st – €4,000

2nd – €1,500

3rd – €1,500

4th – €1,000

5th – €750

6th – €750

7th – €500

8th – €500


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