Ike Anigbogu (C, UCLA)


Measurables: 6’10”, 7’6” wingspan, 252 lbs, 18.6 years old


  • Good finisher near rim – not quite elite but very good – 68%
  • Phenomenal physical profile – great length, already has chiseled frame at 18
  • Good shot blocking skills – 8.8 BLK%, good sign defensively
  • Solid rebounder already – 16.9 TRB%
  • Good rim runner, explodes to rim in space
  • Fast diving to rim, able to go up and bring lobs down hard
  • Good drop off option given size/strength
  • Very good covering ground for someone as big as he is
  • Plays with low base, helps his mobility/strength
  • Has all the tools coveted for anchor at center in NBA
  • Good feet containing PnR, has length for recovery
  • Elite weakside shot blocker, can alter shots outside his area
  • Plays with motor – works to recover on D
  • Good post defender – doesn’t get pushed around, uses length
  • Good footwork in post on defense, flashes understanding of verticality
  • Great motor on o-boards – tip outs, uses length
  • Flashes of elite rebounding ability with combination of size, strength, length, effort
  • Hard worker, understands role – won’t play out of himself


  • Poor scorer outside rim – 36% on 2 point outside rim, 53% FT bad sign
  • Extremely limited as playmaker – 2.3 AST%, 16.5 TOV%
  • Not great drawing fouls – 4.6 FTA/40
  • Shot 30.4% on post up attempts – very limited on offense
  • Extremely poor discipline on defense – 7.6 fouls/40
  • Fairly poor value stats – .133 WS/40, 2.7 BPM, 17.1 PER
  • Gets caught chasing blocks rather than playing team defense
  • Extremely raw on offense, may never be more than a roll man/dunker
  • Bobbles passes, loses focus
  • Doesn’t have great touch at rim – relies on power
  • Really only explosive with load time – doesn’t have great second jump
  • Extremely raw in post – easily forced into turnovers
  • Very poor feel on offense all around
  • Needs to play with much better discipline on defense and on d-boards, feel is questionable
  • Takes poor angles in help defense, doesn’t have highest IQ
  • Understanding of PnR defense needs work
  • Overly physical – leads to unnecessary fouls
  • Too jumpy – doesn’t trust reach/length yet
  • Block chasing puts him out of position on d-boards


  • Anigbogu has a promising frame and athleticism, but he’s one of the rawest guys in this draft. He’s got a lot of upside on offense as a big time roller, dunker, and rim runner, and defensively as an anchor. However, he struggles a lot with the intricacies of the game on both ends, particularly with discipline on defense. He needs to get much smarter as a defensive player, understanding help, pick and roll, and verticality around the rim. He’s a decent enough athlete to dance with guards, but injury history brings some pause. As one of the youngest guys in this draft, Anigbogu has time to develop, but he’s a big-time project for whoever takes a shot on him.


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