Jayson Tatum (SF/PF, Duke)


Measurables: 6’8”, 6’11” wingspan, 204 lbs, 19.2 years old


  • Great physical profile for small forward, or small power forward
  • Fluid runner, good in transition with ball in his hands
  • Very long strides, helps him cover ground
  • Good extension near rim- solid finishing skills
  • Mixes it up with dunks at times thanks to length
  • Gets to free throw line a lot and converts well – 85% FT
  • Pick and pop upside while playing small ball 4
  • Can beat slower defenders closing out on him
  • Crafty driver, uses nice footwork and technique
  • Has a scoring bag of tricks, advanced technique in midrange
  • Extremely talented as a post scorer
  • Some promise as PnR ballhandler
  • Crafty ball handler to punish switches and get to rim
  • Fun midrange game, utilizes advanced footwork to get shots off
  • Not the strongest guy near rim, but uses length+craftiness to get shots in
  • 99th percentile as a post scorer – knows how to get a bucket
  • Flashes solid vision seeing shooters when he draws help
  • Score first player but has flashes of really nice dumps/kicks
  • Physical tools help him on D when he is locked in
  • Fairly agile when switched onto guards
  • Has enough length to rely on it when he gets beat


  • Middling efficiency from 2 point – 62% at rim just average, 39% on 2 point jumpers just average
  • Value stats not super high on him (7.5 BPM, .169 WS/40)
  • Doesn’t get great elevation on 3 point shot
  • Shot just 34% from 3 on 4 attempts a game
  • Needs to add strength defending larger 3s and 4s
  • Defensive intensity wanes, gets lazy at times
  • Lacks physicality on defense
  • Unwilling to play good help near rim
  • Really struggles in PnR switches
  • A lot of times just starts reaching when beat instead of sliding feet
  • Loses his man in help defense at times
  • Posted up easily when he has to guard 4s
  • Lacks a degree of urgency in many areas of game
  • DraftExpress 3 point stats: 30% for career
  • Will face adjustment to NBA range as his best shooting comes in midrange
  • Doesn’t get 3-point shot off all that quickly
  • Faces similar struggles as Josh Jackson in PnR pull-up situations
  • Handle will have to be tighter against NBA defense
  • Lacks burst to turn the corner and get to rim – relies on midrange game and crafty dribbling
  • Midrange game will be tougher against consistent NBA length
  • Doesn’t exactly explode into contact around rim
  • Not really a team player – looks to score more than anything else
  • Not quite comfortable with catch and shoot 3, instead opts for tougher shots


  • Tatum is one of the craftiest players in this draft, with a bag of tricks that he can utilize to get his buckets inside the arc. He’s promising from 3 as well, with a jumper that doesn’t look busted and good free throw percentages. A good athlete with solid tools, Tatum will be able to play the 3 and the 4 as his frame adds strength. However, he faces legitimate questions about how he fits in today’s NBA, where passing, spacing, and versatility are prioritized. Tatum has flashed creative passing ability, but overall he seems most interested in scoring himself, particularly out of the midrange – something teams continue to move away from. Defensively, he’s got solid tools but needs to improve his effort level and IQ. He’s a safe pick because his scoring ability should translate, but his success will be a matter of how efficiently he’ll be able to score in the NBA, and what he’ll bring to a team besides scoring.


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