Johnathan Motley (PF/C, Baylor) Late 1st/early 2nd


Measurables: 6’9”, 7’4” wingspan, 238 lbs, 22.0 years old


  • Lack of height is helped by long arms
  • Extremely good rebounder – translates to NBA game – almost magnetic on the boards – 19.2 TRB%
  • Smart passer within offense – 17.3 AST% great for big
  • Advanced post up skills
  • Versatile, efficient post game against NBA-level defenders
  • Not afraid of contact near rim
  • Chases down his own misses around basket
  • Developing face up game- attacks closeouts, good midrange form
  • Draws fouls well – 7.1 FTA/40 –  70% from line – not terrible
  • Positions himself well as rebounder
  • Stays vertical in post defense


  • Struggles against true NBA length around rim
  • Will need to extend range to 3 point line if he wants to play PF in NBA
  • Already 22
  • Racked up turnovers as #1 option at Baylor – 16.1 TOV%
  • Injury questions – depends a lot on athleticism
  • Doesn’t quite have the offensive game of a PF
  • Improved passing instincts but needs to improve still
  • Regressed as a shot blocker as junior (could have been because of presence of Acuil)
  • Has gotten to play in zone at Baylor, needs man reps
  • Hasn’t gotten big minutes playing center on defense which is his likely NBA role
  • Not a ton of clear upside for what more his game can realistically add


  • Motley is another one of these “center in a power forward’s body” prospects, but he’s at least got length and offensive skills on his side. He’s very skilled inside the arc and flashed an off-the-bounce game this past season, but he needs to extend outside the 3 point line if he wants to play power forward in the NBA. Defensively, he’s somewhat of an unknown given the scheme at Baylor and the fact that he hasn’t gotten to play much center. Still, his athleticism and size bode well for him on that end. If he continues on his trajectory and adds a 3 point shot, he becomes a very interesting player.


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