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Do you dream of a career in sports journalism?

Are you that person who can’t stop talking about sports?  Do you think that you have the love, passion and work ethic necessary to make a living as a sports writer?  If so, you should consider writing for us at Underdog Sports.  Underdog Sports provides a unique platform to get your opinions out there in front of millions of people.

What is Underdog Sports?

Underdog Sports, formerly Deep(ish) Thoughts, was founded in July of 2015 with the intention of providing its readers everything they need to know about what’s happening in the sports world today.

Since then, we’ve evolved past being news-driven to also include thought-provoking feature stories from a host of talented writers.

The best thing about working with us is the freedom.  You write about whatever you’re interested in, on your own time.  It’s that easy!

Want your voice heard? Join our team at Underdog Sports!

What’s Required For Writers

  • A unique passion for your sport of choice
  • The ability to compose a story properly — Understanding SEO and the benefits of social media are pluses.
  • A self-starter’s mentality.  We aren’t going to push you to submit work.
  • The ability to be consistent with your work.
  • Most importantly, a willingness to think differently.  Anyone can throw together a story about LeBron James.  Can you find a take on it that’s different and interesting?

We’re Looking For Sports Podcasters Too!

  • Already doing a podcast but not getting the results you’d like?
  • Doing ok, but looking for ways to increase your listener base?
  • Drop us a line at the email link below, tell us about your podcast and we’ll talk about its fit within our growing network.

This Could Develop Into Full-Time Work

  • All writers begin with an evaluation period.
  • Following that, they become eligible for our numerous monthly bonuses.
  • The cream of the crop from that group could be invited to work full-time for the website with pay based on a share of revenue from advertising.

Is This For You?