Jonathan Isaac (PF, Florida State)


Measurables: 6’11”, 7’1” wingspan, 205 lbs, 19.6 years old


  • Putback dunk threat given rebounding skills/athleticism
  • Very underrated as a rebounder – 16.7 TRB%, very good for noncenter
  • Has incredible upside as small ball 5 once he adds strength
  • Does a very good job drawing fouls (.461 FTR) and converting (78% FT, shows promise for stroke)
  • Not afraid to attack contact despite thin frame
  • Great flashes of ballhandling
  • Runs the floor very well, explosive weapon in transition
  • Very good shot blocker for noncenter – 6.2 BLK%
  • Even at slight frame, plays strong – not afraid to mix it up
  • Has just enough standing reach (9’0.5”) to be spot rim protector – and great ability to be a secondary rim protector
  • Overlooked b/c mediocre counting stats – came in 26 MPG
  • Flashes of pull up game on offense
  • Slithery on boards – helps him make up for size
  • Instinctual as help defender
  • Stroke looks legit – 34.8% from 3 on 89 attempts, lots of promise
  • Smart getting into space for lobs/finishes
  • Gets on the floor for loose balls
  • Value stats love him – 3rd among all NCAA freshmen in BPM
  • Good defensive discipline – doesn’t foul a whole lot
  • Playmaking improved as season went on
  • One of the safest prospects in this class because of his plug-and-play defensive ability


  • Has to improve a lot creating for others – 7.5 AST%, 13.3 TOV%
  • Turns it over too much for a relatively low usage offensive player
  • Needs to add a lot of strength to bang with NBA bigs
  • Needs to tighten handle to open up offensive game
  • Finishes altered pretty easily by contact
  • Streakiness to game, as well as to shot
  • Struggled to assert himself at times
  • 7 games with 6 FGA or less – drifts at times
  • Pushed out of lane by contact – doesn’t get all the way to rim
  • Shies away from contact at times
  • Defensive effort level could be more consistent
  • Needs to work on staying vertical near rim
  • Comfortable handling ball in open court, but lacks playmaking in half court
  • Lots of turnovers caused by lack of concentration/poor hands
  • Overly jumpy in perimeter defense
  • Needs to add off ball awareness even as he is a good weakside shot blocker
  • Poor off ball IQ at times
  • Bad misses on jumper at times


  • Isaac needs to polish himself on offense, but he offers incredible upside on both ends. His 3 point shot looks real, and his athleticism and size are a real advantage on both ends. He’s already an advanced defensive player with the ability to defend all over the floor, and as he adds strength he can become an incredibly valuable small-ball 5. Even at the moment, he plays hard and isn’t shy on the interior, a good rebounder for a primary PF. Even if he never becomes more than a spot up threat/dunker on offense, he will provide immense value on defense. Legit 3 and D power forwards are very hard to find – especially ones who can downsize to the 5 – and while he may never be an incredibly talented scorer, Isaac has the ability to be a massively valuable role player. While they have very different games, he could make a Draymond-type impact on a contender.


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