Jonathan Jeanne (C, Le Mans)


Measurables: 7’2”, 7’6.5” wingspan, 207 lbs, 19.9 years old


  • Incredible fluidity for a guy with his size
  • Runs extremely well in transition
  • Obvious physical gifts
  • Already a great shot blocker
  • Surprisingly skilled on offense, with growing shooting/passing ability
  • Exciting potential as a perimeter defender
  • Plays hard even with thin frame
  • Will definitely be able to switch onto wings in NBA
  • Almost seems as though he could spend time at 4 or even 3
  • Plays with his hands up on defense, helps compensate for lack of strength
  • Surprisingly smart spacer on offense – not afraid to go to corners


  • Needs to add a LOT of strength to finish around the rim and defend
  • Not very explosive around the rim
  • Defensive IQ is still in very early stages – he has lots of learning to be done
  • Effort level as a help defender comes and goes
  • Not great at keeping track of his man on glass
  • Really gets bullied in post by bigger guys
  • Swats around rim rather than going vertical
  • Just HAS to get stronger
  • Doesn’t quite understand his role at times
  • Shot selection gets iffy at times
  • Looks lost at times on both ends – needs more experience


  • Jeanne’s combination physical tools and mobility is extremely rare, and he’s got some advanced skills for a 19-year-old. People will lazily comp him to Rudy Gobert, but he’s really a lot more like Thon Maker at this point – something that speaks to the intangibility of a lot of his game. He needs to add a ton of strength – he’s super thin – but his mobility and size are super intriguing. Right now he has a lot of upside, but the flashes of an incredibly useful player are there. He’s had some moments where he’s shown outside shooting/driving ability, and if that shows up consistently he could be a unicorn. Jeanne might end up being a stash candidate but should be able to come to NBA right away. His stock has been all over the place but he’s worth a first rounder.


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