Jordan Bell (PF/C, Oregon)


Measurables: 6’8.5”, 7’0” wingspan, 223 lbs, 22.4 years old


  • Great play in NCAA tournament boosted stock
  • Clear skills as a rebounder/shot blocker
  • Value stats extremely high on him (3rd in NCAA in BPM, 5th in DBPM, led Pac 12 in Defensive Rating)
  • Career 9.5% block percentage
  • Phenomenal athlete on the defensive end – leaper blocking shots, moves his feet
  • Flashes of passing vision – does he have some Draymond in him?
  • Great athlete in transition, developing open floor skills
  • Strong, aggressive rebounder on both ends
  • Explosive around basket, as roll man
  • Plays within his role and does everything he’s asked to do well
  • More flashes of passing ability in 5 on 5 at combine


  • Another center in a power forward’s body
  • No perimeter shooting game
  • Doesn’t quite have elite wingspan for sub 6’9” center
  • More turnovers than assists in college
  • Already 22 with clear limitations to his game
  • Will struggle to play center at the NBA level for long stretches
  • Lacks elite playmaking or shooting to be Draymond Green type
  • Will need to play alongside shooting big man
  • Not much of a post up game, will depend on others for offense
  • Doesn’t always pay attention boxing out
  • 62% FT shooter in college


  • Bell represents yet another late 1st/early 2nd round-type combo big who can come in and provide energy. He’s a super explosive athlete and a really smart defender, both of which work in his favor, but he’s got little offensive upside outside of being a dunker. He’s a Kenneth Faried-type player with a little less rebounding and a little more shot blocking. Those guys are less valuable now than they were 10 years ago, but there’s a spot for Bell’s athleticism in the NBA. If he can expand his offensive game a little more, he could be an incredibly valuable player given his athleticism and motor.


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