Josh Hart (SG/SF, Villanova)


Measurables: 6’5”, 6’8” wingspan, 209 lbs, 22.2 years old


  • Extremely well-rounded scoring ability at college level
  • Great high arc on his jumper
  • Finishes in transition really well
  • Solid ball-handler, upside running PnR
  • Plays hard on defense and going for loose balls
  • Makes up for average size with defensive smarts
  • Aggressive rebounder
  • Put up elite finishing numbers – 71% at rim
  • Led Big East in Defensive Win Shares last 2 seasons
  • Winning player, dives for loose balls, hard worker
  • Very smart player, plays with high IQ and high motor
  • Upside as a playmaker – 18.8 AST% to 11.5 TOV%
  • Phenomenal value stats as a senior – 9th in NCAA in BPM, 3rd in Win Shares


  • Struggles to finish through length
  • Doesn’t make a whole lot of plays for others
  • Weird hitch in 3 point shot, will struggle to translate to NBA line
  • Scoring ability may not translate to NBA, particularly near rim
  • Questionable athleticism, especially finishing in traffic
  • Not a clear NBA-type game
  • Average athleticism/length hurts
  • Doesn’t draw too many fouls
  • Somewhat averse to contact in the lane
  • No clear NBA skill on offense
  • Will have to rely on toughness/effort/IQ on D in NBA


  • Hart was a great college player, but his scoring probably won’t translate to the pros. However, he’s a good enough shooter and transition finisher to carve out an NBA role. He’s really effective on defense (the value stats love him) even without top-flight athleticism. Struggles for guys like Denzel Valentine should be a red flag with him. He’s a than Valentine better defender but their offensive games are similar. I’m not sure he’s worth a first rounder, given questions about translation, but he should have a role. Defense will be the key for him – he can make 2nd round projections look bad if he can end up being a plus defender.


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