Josh Jackson (SF, Kansas)


Measurables: 6’8”, 6’10” wingspan, 203 lbs, 20.3 years old


  • Versatile on both ends of the floor – easily can swing between 3 positions
  • Better rebounder than frame indicates – 13 TRB%
  • Explosive in traffic – arguably most explosive wing in draft
  • Phenomenal lob target given size and explosiveness – will immediately be a cutting threat in NBA
  • Explodes quickly, allows him to finish near rim (69% at rim)
  • Putback threat – big for playing small ball 4
  • Elite quickness allows him to get by forwards on straight line drives
  • Solid handle for his size, big-time threat in transition
  • Able to act as a primary ball-handler for a few possessions
  • Has an advanced sense of where shooters are on floor
  • Spot up shot improved greatly over the course of the season – but was it just streaky luck?
  • Really becomes unstoppable when his jumper is falling
  • Flashes of a nice off-dribble shot when defenders go under
  • Good vision as ballhandler in PnR
  • Overall, possesses elite passing ability for a wing
  • Has flashed nice post up ability – hooks and turnarounds
  • Very good lateral quickness on D, not great wingspan but overall size helps him contest
  • Prides himself on lockdown D, willing to sit down and play hard – 5.7 DBPM backs up tape
  • Not fazed by larger defenders – able to lock down a guy like Deonte Burton for instance
  • Very smart in off ball defense – stays in stance, moves around
  • Steals+blocks a good sign of activity
  • Great secondary help defender near rim
  • Extremely competitive/hustle player. Passion never a question
  • Has a high floor because he is versatile and a hard worker


  • No standout skill on offense
  • 57% FT shooting is huge red flag given shot hitch
  • Doesn’t always finish into guys near rim
  • Needs to add strength on both ends of the floor
  • Very old for a freshman at already 20
  • Wingspan only 2 inches longer than height is disappointing
  • Legal red flags during time in Lawrence
  • 16 TOV% – needs to get smarter with ball
  • Success as a whole will likely come down to jumper success
  • Much easier to defend if he can’t hit open 3s
  • Doesn’t exactly have a dominant frame on defense
  • Inconsistent mechanics on jumper/free throw
  • Struggles shooting off the standstill
  • 32% on jumpers inside arc
  • Will almost surely have to overhaul shot mechanics
  • Likely will struggle more against NBA defenders who don’t respect jumper
  • Will have to tighten handle to get past NBA defenders
  • Lack of length hurts his craftiness around rim
  • Can’t rely on wingspan against larger wings
  • Passion can work against him at times
  • Dealt with foul trouble, has to be more disciplined


  • Jackson’s an incredibly well-rounded player with a high floor because of his athleticism and solid skill foundation. However, a lot of his game will depend on the ability of his jump shot to present a threat to defenses, and if he cannot consistently shoot well he will not be a real offensive weapon. However, as a 3rd option in an offense, he can be a useful piece, able to knock down open shots and make smart cuts. His burgeoning ability as a passer will also help him contribute to an offense. Defensively, he doesn’t have the best frame, but his athleticism, effort, and IQ make him a stopper. Jackson’s a versatile, talented guy who will go near the top of this year’s draft.


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