Justin Jackson (SF/SG, North Carolina)


Measurables: 6’8”, 6’11” wingspan, 200 lbs, 22.1 years old


  • Was the best player on a national championship team
  • Improved a lot as a shooter during junior year (29% 3 point to 37%, 67% FT to 75% FT)
  • Good playmaker from wing (15.8 AST%, 9.5 TOV%)
  • Shot mechanics look good – elevation, quick release
  • Decent touch in lane – could improve (39% on 2 point jumpers outside rim)
  • Good player in transition, quick and athletic
  • Able to shoot over the top of smaller defenders
  • Good vision with dumps in the lane – might be a better option due to his lack of finishing
  • Very good defender, slides his feet and uses wingspan
  • Smart against smaller defenders using length to contain
  • Stays disciplined, plays with hands up, closes out disciplined
  • Has defined role as 3 and D player in NBA
  • Will likely be able to play small 4 as he adds strength
  • Very good coming off screens as a shooter – versatile 3 point game


  • Rarely gets to rim (22.1% of shots), doesn’t really draw fouls either (4.1 FTA/40)
  • Not explosive or physical in lane
  • Needs to improve craftiness around rim
  • Settles for tough floaters instead of getting to rim
  • Poor rebounder – needs to better check bigs if he’s gonna play small 4
  • Not likely to contribute much inside arc in NBA
  • Has to add strength to guard NBA wings
  • Relies on others for shot creation a lot of the time
  • Jumper streaky – shot 30% from 3 in March and April
  • Low steal/block rates – bad sign of activity on defensive end
  • Lacks elite athleticism coveted on wing in NBA
  • Already 22 – not likely to add much beyond skills


  • Jackson made big strides his junior season and looks like a good 3 and D option at the NBA level. While he’s limited in terms of his strength and finishing ability inside the arc, he is long and quick enough on defense to be a good defender, and offensively when his jumper is falling he is a solid team player given his passing ability and 3 point shot. Still, he’s got limited upside at 22 and won’t contribute much inside the arc. Luckily for him, 3 and D is in demand and he’ll be able to fill a role on a team immediately.


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