Justin Patton (C, Creighton)


Measurables: 6’11”, 7’3” wingspan, 229 lbs, 19.9 years old


  • Extremely high-efficiency finisher – 81% at rim
  • Slight flashes of stretch game – 8-15 from 3
  • Great size and reach to be anchor eventually – #4 standing reach at combine with 9’3.5”
  • Very good rim runner, naturally finds space near rim
  • Agile lob target in transition or as roller
  • Very nimble roller, big hands/keeps ball high
  • Gets to lobs near rim that defense can’t reach
  • Agility helps him closing out – tons of upside switching onto guards
  • High energy player who will fly around the floor on defense
  • Good hands on D – 1.9 STL%
  • Understands value of his reach – clogs passing lanes
  • Has big-time flashes as a rim protector – athleticism and reach to be a superb shot blocker
  • Better passer than most raw bigs – 8.5 AST% – smart in high post
  • Growing confidence on 3 point line when left open – solid mechanics
  • Budding off-dribble game – workable handle
  • Faceup flashes – workable jumper, agile drives against bigs
  • Budding post game that relies on touch+agility should translate


  • Struggles as a 2 point scorer outside rim area – 33%
  • Poor rebounder for his size – 13.8 TRB%
  • Very bad free throw shooter – 52% – mechanics need improvement
  • Needs to add a lot of strength on both ends – not particularly fond of contact on offense (3.9 FTA/40)
  • Not physical at all on either end
  • Why doesn’t energy show up on boards?
  • Pushed around far too easily near rim
  • Most of his offense is just flashes at this stage
  • Weak base on boards
  • Shies away from contact protecting rim/boxing out
  • Overly jumpy on D, still developing understanding of verticality
  • Just not all that tough on defense
  • Poor defensive discipline – easily faked out, fouling issues
  • Makes a lot of dumb plays on both ends
  • Plays outside his role at times on O


  • Patton flashed a lot of offensive promise at Creighton this year, but he needs to add a lot to his game to become a solid NBA player. His biggest issue is his lack of physicality all over the court, as he consistently shied from contact, and it hurt him most as a rebounder and defender. He also needs to develop his understanding of the game more, as he doesn’t have a ton of high-level basketball under his belt. While his skill set develops, he has a lot of skill as a roll man and shot blocker, and offers promise thanks to his big motor and size. However, if he can never shake his lack of toughness, it’s going to be tough for him to be an effective player.


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