Kostja Mushidi (SG, Mega Vizura)


Measurables: 6’5”, 7’0” wingspan, 226 lbs, 18.9 years old


  • Great size to play the 2 at the NBA level
  • Strong frame for such a young player
  • Flashes ability to be secondary ball handler
  • Plays bigger than his height on defense
  • Active defensively, rushes to close out
  • Poised player, doesn’t get sped up
  • Fluid yet explosive athlete
  • Still only 18
  • Flashes of off-dribble shooting
  • Has length to defend 1-3
  • Strong frame


  • Jumper with Mega Vizura has been streaky
  • Weird thing in jumper where he kicks his foot out
  • Gets sloppy in traffic
  • Doesn’t create for others a whole lot
  • Defensive IQ needs to improve, like many players
  • Inconsistent 3 point shooter – needs to nail down mechanics
  • Hasn’t quite shown explosive finishing ability
  • Defensive consistency/effort level needs to improve
  • Hasn’t posted great efficiency stats


  • Like many prospects, Mushidi’s success will come down to whether or not he can hit his jumper. He looks like a very solid 3nD secondary ball-handler when the jumper is falling, but when he isn’t making shots it’s hard for him to have an impact outside of on-ball defense. His mechanics are pretty solid, so it’s just a matter of getting better consistency. At 18, he’s got time to work that out.

Update:  Kostja Mushidi has elected to withdraw from the 2017 NBA Draft.  


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