L.J. Peak (SG/SF, Georgetown)


Measurables: 6’5”, 6’10” wingspan, 215 lbs, 21.3 years old


  • 40% from 3 as a sophomore, FT% (79%) is promising as well
  • Really great at getting to the line – 7.3 FTA/40
  • Stroke looks good
  • Smart kicking out once he gets into lane – decent ball-handler – 22.6 AST%
  • Strong, aggressive finisher
  • Crafty near rim
  • Smart cutter when he wants to be
  • Height/wingspan will help him guard 2s


  • 33% 3-point last season is concerning
  • Fairly poor defensive stats
  • Struggles with turnovers – 16.4 TOV%
  • Poor discipline on closeouts – either doesn’t try or over-commits
  • Not overly active on either end of the floor
  • Struggled with fouls, especially against NBA competition (fouled out in 12 mins against Villanova)
  • Caught watching in help defense far too often
  • Not overly quick getting into lane


  • Peak is a fairly well-rounded offensive player, displaying an ability to shoot a little, finish around the rim, and create for others. He doesn’t have elite size or explosiveness, but he makes up for it with skill and nuance. He’s not a very good defensive player right now, often playing lazily and not being overly active. Still, if he can get his jumper to be consistently 40% from 3 point range, there’s a spot for him in the NBA.


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