LCK appears to be League of Legends strongest region

Undoubtedly, Korean League of Legends and the LCK has been miles ahead of any other region. After the Season 2 Worlds Championship were Taipei Assasins lift the Summoners Cup, we have been observing an absolute Korean supremacy. In Season 3 , 5 and 6 , the Korean force named SK Telecom T1 took down their opponents successfully and won the Worlds Tournament, while their star players, Bengi and of course, Faker made a name for themselves as legends of the game, being the only players to have won Worlds 3 times, as well as in mid-season Invitational

In season 4, a season where SK Telecom didn’t manage to qualify for Worlds, 2 Korean super teams swept, not only LCK but the whole world under the same brand. Namely, Samsung Blue, and the sister team, Samsung White. Those 2 teams met at the semi-finals where, surprisingly, Samsung White nailed a 3-0 victory and progressed to the finals, where they won the tournament by beating with a 3-1 score the Chinese team Star Horn Royal Club. Later on, both teams disbanded and the team ” Samsung Galaxy” was formed without including any player from the White and Blue team . Samsung Galaxy was just one game away from winning season 6 Worlds, when they were defeated 2-3 from their compatriots SK Telecom T1 in the final.

This year, a lot of big names, who have been playing in other regions outside of Korea, have decided to return to their home country. This results in the creation of insanely strong powerhouses which ensure us a very competitive and high-quality LCK.

Let’s look into some of the biggest teams of the following split.

SK Telecom T1

Arguably the most successful league of legends organization that has ever existed, is now looking to build up a roster which will repeat the achievements of the past. Their star jungler, Bengi, and the top-laner Duke left the team for the Chinese teams Vici and Invictus Gaming respectively.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that SKT is not weakened. The Worlds winners signed Peanut, former ROX Tigers player, as their main jungler as well as Huni and Profit for the top lane. Faker, Bang, and Wolf remained with the team and with the addition of the new players, they have every right to feel ready to dominate again the League of Legends world

KT Rolster

KT Rolster managed to beat SK Telecom T1 in the semifinals of LCK playoffs and almost clinched their Worlds ticket, but they couldn’t win ROX Tigers in the grand final . Going into the LCK Regional Qualifiers as the heavy favourites , KT Rolster were shocked when Samsung Galaxy achieved a huge win over them and got the last ticket for Worlds, leaving KT and their fans completely stunned.

However, this belongs to the past. For the following split, KT Rolster has created a super team. The only player who renewed his contract from the last split is jungler Score who will play with a team consisting of superstar top-laner Smeb, mid-laner Pawn, AD Carry Deft and for the support role they have signed Mata. The last 3 have played in Chinese teams, while Smeb was part of the ROX Tigers, All of them being great players with big experience, KT Rolster is expected to achieve big things the following split.


Longzhu was the team which had huge expectations for 2016 after they renamed from Incredible Miracle to Longzhu. However, they didn’t find any success at all and they were heavily criticized for their bad season.

This season Longzhu has made a number of changes to their roster. Mid-laners BDD and Fly have joined the organization, while the great duo at botlane of ROX Tigers, PraY and Gorilla joined the team as well. In the jungle, Crash is believed to stay with the team while they have signed Cuzz also for that role. For the top lane, Longzhu will compete with Expession in their starting roster. Those changes fill with hype once again the Longzhu fans. Will this be the season where they will see their favorite team dominate, or it will be another unlucky season without any success?

Afreeca Freecs

After releasing all 7 players they had, there were created question marks if Afreeca Freecs would create a strong team for the following split. When the roster was announced, we saw an interesting team, looking strong on paper but surely not the absolute Korean LoL force.

The Freecs signed former World champion MaRin for the top lane, former Worlds finalists Spirit and Kuro for the jungle and mid lane respectively, Kramer, a very skilled AD Carry who, however, is yet to prove himself, and here is his big chance to do so. The support of the team will be TuSin who has previously played for Incredible Miracle. The Afreeca Freecs hope that this roster will be the one that will guide them to their first Worlds appearance

Samsung Galaxy

SSG surprised everyone when they qualified for Worlds, where they didn’t have the easiest group stage draw and many didn’t believe that they would qualify for the quarterfinals. Not only did they qualify as first from their group, but they were one game away from winning the Worlds Championship, losing 2-3 from SKT in the final.

For the following split, Samsung Galaxy has decided to stick with the same roster, while adding Haru as a substitute jungler. They have proved that they have the potential to be the World’s best and for this season SSG should be considered one of the main powerhouses of the LCK.

All in all, the LCK region is expected to be absolutely insane this season. So many big names have joined the Korean teams and we are about to see a lot of big clashes between them. We are pretty sure that there would be surprises, but that is what makes is it more thrilling.

In my opinion, this is going to be the most interesting and impressive season of Korean competitive League of Legends.


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