On this episode of The Functional Sportsaholic

LeBron is taking his talents to Huntingon Beach + If OKC was ok with a $300M payroll, why did they trade Harden way back when? And more

01:00: Like a phoenix from the ashes, Sam Van Damme is back in action!
04:10: Sean almost got arrested on the 4th of July. But let’s be real, he could sell firearms to troops of guerrillas and never get booked.
08:05: Quick World Cup update
11:38: Bobby Bonilla Day!
18:08: New NFL helmet rule
20:32: Just get rid of all of the pads!
26:40: Sean and Sam break down soccer correspondent, Gooch Givens’, wardrobe
29:28: An OKC WTF?
35:11: Why in the world is Markelle Fultz “off limits”?
39:56: Lebron to LA
51:48: The Double Nickle: Sam and Sean give their top-5 sports uniforms of all time

Opening/ClosingMusic: Rock Angel by Joakim KarudLe


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