Luke Kennard (SG, Duke)


Measurables: 6’6”, 6’5” wingspan, 196 lbs, 20.2 years old


  • Incredible promise as 3 point shooter – 43.8% from 3, 85.6% FT
  • Does a solid job drawing fouls – 5.7 FTA/40
  • Great value stats on offense – 3rd in NCAA in offensive win shares (5.5), 8th in OBPM (8.4), 130.6 offensive rating (1st in ACC)
  • Makes good decisions with the ball – 9.3 TOV%
  • Lots of promise as a playmaker – 13.6 AST% shows upside
  • 62% at rim is pretty good, but very good considering 82% of looks unassisted
  • Elite on 2 point outside rim – 48% – 80% unassisted
  • Very smooth 3 point shot maker – quick release, good form
  • Elite off-dribble scorer – great creating space for 3 point looks
  • Compensates for average athleticism with crafty moves to create space
  • Crafty in lane – understands limitations finishing
  • Extremely high IQ on offense, understands ways to beat defenses
  • Sees the floor much better than other elite SG prospects – creative passer, natural feel
  • Unselfish in traffic – passes up tough finish for better teammate shot
  • Makes winning team plays – very passionate
  • Knows how to get open, has great understanding of space
  • Able to get shot off with just a second of space


  • Very short arms – negative height to wingspan is always bad
  • Stats very low on his defense – 1.3 STL%, 0.9 BLK%, 1.2 DBPM
  • Will likely always struggle on defense due to size limitations
  • Likely to struggle off dribble due to underwhelming first step
  • At NBA level will struggle to finish at rim due to lack of explosiveness/length
  • Has to tighten his dribble, as being a legit playmaker will be important for him on offense
  • Totally dies on screens at times – inconsistent effort
  • Plays with hands down on defense – can’t afford to do that
  • Ends up in bad spots in help and doesn’t work to recover
  • Reaches instead of sliding feet to cut off drivers
  • Lacks quickness/length to recover when he gets beat, even with effort
  • At best isn’t noticed on defense – doesn’t make plays
  • Spends a lot of time watching off ball – not good boxing out


  • Kennard is a very advanced offensive player, an extremely skilled shooter who also has some crafty ability near the rim. He’s very clearly a very smart player who understands spacing and where his teammates are down to a tee. He offers more upside than the traditional shooter on offense because of his great off-dribble creation and passing promise. Defensively, he has a lot of issues. He just doesn’t have the tools to be a successful defender in the NBA, even when he’s putting in the effort, which comes and goes. He spends too much time watching the game off-ball, and doesn’t fight hard enough through screens. He’ll likely have to improve his effort and IQ a ton even just to become an average defender. But if he can do that and reach his offensive upside, he’ll be an extremely valuable player.


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