Luke Kornet (PF/C, Vanderbilt)


Measurables: 7’0”, 240 lbs, 21.8 years old


  • Offers potential combo of 3 point shooting+shot blocking
  • 85% FT good sign for 3 point shot
  • One of the most impactful defenders in country as junior
  • Nice athlete near rim
  • Long arms help him block shots even when he’s beat
  • Good staying vertical rather than getting jumpy on D
  • Has a unique skillset


  • 3 point shooting was wildly inconsistent through college career
  • Drifts away from rim on D sometimes
  • Regressed as shot blocker senior season
  • 33% on 2 point shots outside of rim
  • Plays passive defense at times
  • Not very quick out on perimeter
  • Gets pushed around by larger post players
  • Very poor rebounder for a 7 footer
  • Barely cracked 40% from the floor last year – as a center
  • Disappeared for long stretches of games


  • Kornet is on draft radar because he can shoot a little and block shots, but the rest of his game needs a lot of work. He has no NBA capability to score inside the arc, and is a very bad rebounder for a guy who’s projected to play center. He’s a fine athlete but nothing special, and he needs to add a lot of strength. A team selecting him would have to be sure they can build his frame and utilize him the way he was during his junior season, when the metrics placed him as one of the most valuable defenders in the NCAA.


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