UFC fighter Ronda Rousey has had a restraining order placed against her.

In one of the crazier stories you’re going to read today, a Pennsylvania man identified as “G.B. White” has filed a restraining order against former UFC Champion Ronda Rousey.

Did Rousey do something to provoke the temporary order, which was filed in Florida?

It doesn’t appear so

The 2-page document, which was hand-written (and marked with an address that corresponds to a White Castle location), makes claims which could only be classified as, completely and entirely insane.

A few of the more out-there claims are as follows (from Bloody Elbow):

  • “Ronda Rousey is really a man and pretending to be a female in the UFC to boost ratings. I have evidence to submit to the court of Ronda Rousey in Speedos showing her penis at a nudist colony.”
  • “Ronda Rousey also has been taking steroids before fights to get the competitive edge.”
  • “Ronda Rousey had secret relations with Alex Rodriguez.”
  • “Ronda Rousey made a sex tape with Jon Bones Jones, which I am the only one with a copy…Ronda Rousey threatened to knock my lights out and break my legs into a pretzel if I don’t return the sex tape to her.”
  • “Ronda Rousey’s real father is Ron Jeremy and Ronda Rousey’s real name is Ron Rousey or Ronald Rousey.”

So while we believe Rousey will eventually be cleared of any wrong-doing, the document was officially filed and approved by a judge.  That means for the time-being, Rousey will have to keep her distance from the lunatic who requested the order.

And that’s probably for the best, for Mr. White.

Here’s the actual letter:




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