Marcelo Huertas

Somewhere, Marcelo Huertas is still looking for Brandon Knight.

Marcelo HuertasThe adjustment from EuroLeague to the NBA has been a difficult one for Marcelo Huertas of the Lakers.

In the second quarter of the Los Angeles Lakers game against the Phoenix Suns, rookie point guard Marcelo Huertas gets completely spun around by a Brandon Knight dribble move.

Sadly, things like this have been happening pretty frequently for the former EuroLeague star.

I can’t imagine that this is how Huertas saw things going as he moved over to the NBA.

Watch the hips, not the ball Marcelo..

As if that wasn’t enough, here’s 5 of the worst seconds of NBA action you’ll see this season as Marcelo Huertas and the Lakers took on the Miami Heat recently..

The nice thing about Marcelo Huertas is that by watching him play, you can get a good feel for how any of us would fare if thrown into an NBA game.


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