LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 14: Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor come face to face during the Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor World Press Tour at SSE Arena on July 14, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images) ORG XMIT: 775003998 ORIG FILE ID: 814572748

London hosts the final stop on the McGregor/Mayweather tour


London hosted the final leg of the Conor McGregor / Floyd Mayweather Press Conference tour.

The final stop on the world tour for Floyd “Money” Mayweather (49-0) and “The Notorious” Conor McGregor (21-3 UFC lightweight Champion) was in London, England. This 4 day whirlwind of press conferences from California, to Toronto, and Thursday’s New York City stop culminated in the 2 men meeting inside a fake ring that was set up to appear as a stage missing ropes on one side.

Both Fighters were introduced and met in the middle of the ring after walking down a ramp WWE style shaking hands with fans. Once they both got in McGregor walked around the ring and was getting in Floyd’s face talking to him. McGregor’s trademark strut was in full force. They finally stopped and got in a full stare down with each other. The crowd was giving its full “Ole Ole Ole” chant and it was so loud the camera was shaking. Eventually, as has happened in the last 3 press conferences Dana White stepped in and separated the 2, but the trash talking continued. The crowd was so pro McGregor it was unbelievable.

Stephen Espinoza again led off the proceedings to a chorus of boos. He gave his quick hype speech and described the past few day’s events in this 96-hour whirlwind of Press conferences in 4 different cities across the world. Dana White was then introduced and he gave his huge introduction for Conor McGregor as he had done in each spot on the tour.

McGregor then took the mic and talked about being 6 weeks away from the fight and it was his 29th birthday. He talked about 4 years ago being poor and fighting in front of 500 people in London. McGregor said that he would quadruple his net worth for half a fight. He then talked about Mayweather being 40 and to stop taking selfies like he was a kid. He then called Mayweather a bitch for wearing high heels yesterday and called him a “stupid bald T#$%”. McGregor then went after Leonard Ellerbe and his outfit. McGregor said today was his first day in a boxing and in 6 weeks he will run boxing. He then went in on Floyd’s bodyguards again calling them juiceheads. He went over and talked trash directly to them as they were on the floor and not on stage for this press conference. McGregor then exclaimed that he is boxing and the crowd went crazy. McGregor talked about Floyds hat and talked about sleeping Floyd in just 6 weeks and bouncing his head off the canvas as he signed off.

Leonard Ellerbe then did his thing introducing Floyd to the microphone. The crowd came at Floyd hard with a “Who are ya?” chant that is usually reserved for soccer matches. Floyd paced around the ring and the chant then became “Pay your Taxes!” The London was absolutely on fire. Mayweather then stole Conor’s mic and that saw McGregor walk over and take him and talk about him being too quick for him. Floyd then did his typical hard work chant, which was greeted by pretty much entirely boos. The crowd just continued to pepper Floyd with chants including chanting Conor’s name in song. Floyd said that he had nothing but time so keep chanting and that the crowd couldn’t fight for him. He then claimed to run Ireland, but that may not be factually accurate. Floyd then said that he was a gorilla and he eats fighters like Conor. He then did the Dana White and he doesn’t need to wear suits cause they have all the money. That is very old rhetoric at this point considering he said it the last two days. Floyd then came at foreign fighters and how he and Dana use guys like that to make money. The crowd again started chanting for Conor and then Floyd asked everyone to point for the quitter. He then asked everyone to point to the easy work, but the crowd was not complying even a little bit. Floyd then asked for his bag and when McGregor came back at him Floyd told Mr. Tapout to shut the f*&$ up. Floyd then had them play a song about tapping out and started slapping the table in front of him. Floyd called Conor’s watch cheap and said his watch was 1.4 million. Mayweather then called McGregor a fa**$# and a hoe. Which seemed a bit aggressive. Mayweather called himself the teacher and said on August 26th he would take him to school. Floyd then started about continuing the tour to Ireland and saying that he could conquer any country. Mayweather then said he runs the Octagon and the ring. Floyd then said he would whip his ass in the Octagon. Conor responded with after he beats him in ring he can have his rematch in the Octagon. Then Floyd asked for someone to get Nate Diaz on the phone. Floyd then said that he runs shit. Floyd then had the entire crowd say Happy Birthday to Conor because he can do something nice for him before he comes after him in August. Conor then got the entire crowd to chant “F&$# Floyd Mayweather” in response. Mayweather then signed off and the final stare down between the two was in the middle of the makeshift ring.

Then they decided to randomly take questions from the media. The first question was about how does Conor address the doubters of him. Conor said that he will follow through with his prediction of sleeping Floyd in 4 rounds. He asked Floyd how this fight will go and Floyd’s mic was off which got a rise from the crowd. He said that all boxers need to challenge themselves and that is what it is all about. The next question was for Conor and it was about what his goal for the world tour was. McGregor said the goal was to have fun and promote something that has never been seen before. The next question was about how much does Conor enjoy proving his doubters wrong. Conor said that it is what motivates him completely in all of his fights and that anything is possible. The last question was about Conor is not only fighting for what he loves but also for Ireland. Conor gave love to Ireland, and that was it for the final Press Conference. The 2 traded insults briefly and that was that.

SO the circus that was this 4-day world tour comes to an end and the focus now shifts to August 26th in Las Vegas. This will be the biggest fight in Pay Per View history and most certainly will break any previous records. The world tour was a whirlwind with these 2 guys going all around, but it had the media and sports world buzzing so it most certainly accomplished its goal.

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