Monte Morris (PG, Iowa State)


Measurables: 6’2.5”, 6’4” wingspan, 175 lbs, 21.9 years old


  • Extremely talented as a creator for others
  • Takes care of the ball as well as anyone in NCAA history
  • Efficient scorer – great floater game vs length, makes jumpers
  • Extremely effective running PnR – turned rim-runners with subpar size into good offensive players
  • Flashes of off-dribble scoring – will be key to offense
  • Smart, active player on defense
  • Floor leader – always looking out for teammates
  • Winning player – makes teammates better, never takes away from team
  • Has just enough athleticism and size to get by in NBA


  • Mechanics on jumper are questionable
  • Struggles finishing into contact/around rim – has to rely on floaters
  • Struggles creating for himself against athletes
  • Limited defensive upside with lack of athleticism/elite length
  • Should not be asked to carry an offense
  • Slight frame that can be pushed around easily
  • Needs to develop very good midrange game to be successful on offense
  • Limited reach restricts him to defending PGs
  • Young for a college senior


  • Morris’ ability to run the pick and roll and take care of the ball is something that is always coveted by NBA teams. He’s shown that he can succeed in a fast-paced, pick and roll spread offense for 4 years. His size limits him to guarding 1s and he will likely never be more than an average defender. Morris has to get his jumper to an elite level to really become intriguing as anything more than a backup. Still, his IQ and ball handling ability will give him a place in the league for a long time.


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