NBA Awards – Nov 27-Dec 3

For this week’s awards, I’ll be looking at games played from 11/27 to 12/3.

MVP Performance of the Week: Andre Drummond

weekly nba awards
Andre Drummond had this week’s MVP Performance of the Week.

I personally feel that big men often get overlooked for MVP. The league values big men who share the same skills as smaller positions, such as three-point shooting and quickness. So when a guy like Andre Drummond has a pre three-point big man movement center, it’s going to get overlooked. What’s even more impressive is that this performance came against the Celtics, who have one of the best defenses in the league. Drummond finished with twenty-six points, four steals, six assists, twenty-two rebounds, and shot six for eight from the free throw line.

Rookie Performance of the Week: Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell has been showing flashes of potential, and had a huge breakout game Friday night against the Pelicans. Mitchell finished with forty-one points, three turnovers, four assists, seven rebounds, shot six for twelve from three, and shot thirteen for twenty-five from the field. He’s the first rookie to score forty points in a game since Blake Griffin in 2011.

Most Entertaining Play of the Week: Garry Harris’ 360 Layup

Garry Harris cuts between two Lakers defenders, and somehow manages to finish a 360 layup.

Pass of the Week: Nurkic’s nutmeg

Jusuf Nurkic nutmegs Demarcus Cousins and finds Pat Connaughton for the layup.

WTF of the Week: Phoenix Sun’s defense

I’m not even sure if I can explain this. Somehow the Sun’s managed to give up three open threes’, and an offensive rebound all in about fifteen seconds.

Hustle Play of the Week: Boston Celtics fastbreak

In their game against the 76er’s, the Celtics took what should have been an obvious turnover, made it into a possession, missed the shot on that possession, got it back AGAIN, and scored some points.


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