It seems like a simple thing, the irons, fairway woods, etc.  But even they can betray you if they don’t fit your swing.

So, why is it so important? 

Repeatable, quality shots.  Everything in fitting is designed around hitting repeatable, quality shots.  If a club is fitted properly, you experience more of them. 

To do that, you and your fitter need to work on finding specs that offer: 

  • Consistent, predictable distance throughout the set 

  • Increased accuracy 

  • A set makeup that helps facilitate scoring 


How to Get Consistent Distance 

Unless you’re new to golf, you know that each club in your bag has a specific length it should send the ball.  The four iron is longer than the six iron, which is longer than the pitching wedge.  If you didn’t, now you do! 

The driver is a distance club, yes.  But with the rest of your set you need clubs that go a predictable, consistent distance.  

How do you know how to attack a green, or make a smart layup, when you have no earthly idea how far the ball’s going to go each time? 


Pure distance does nothing to help you score because it’s not exactly controllable.


A lot of it can be blamed on the shafts; if they’re a poor fit for your swing, you’ll get inconsistent results.  Why?  You can’t feel the clubhead throughout the swing with an ill-fitting shaft.   

When it is properly fitted, you can create a more predictable, consistent release point- which means more predictable, consistent results. 

That’s what getting custom-fit does for you; just like with the driver, it finds the specs that create what you consider to be the ideal blend of distance and accuracy. 

Speaking of Accuracy… 

Something to know: distance with no control is pointless. 

That’s why accuracy with the rest of the set is just as important as distance.  Take a look at this: 

From left to right: 

  • The lie angle’s too flat- a push and/or slice 

  • The lie angle’s just right- a straight shot 

  • The lie angle’s too upright- a pull and/or hook 

Lie angle is the most important spec for accuracy in your irons and wedges.  If you do nothing else, get this spec fitted correctly! 

Mind the (Yardage) Gap 

Do you need a 3 iron through PW set? 

How well do you hit your long irons? 

What about hybrids- where do they fit into the equation? 

A good fitting answers those questions. 

The ideal gap is 12-15 yards between each club.  Some have reported 10 yard gaps, and I’ve read others say 20 yards.  It doesn’t truly matter as long as it’s consistent between each club in the bag. 

A non-traditional set makeup 

You may find that you struggle with the long irons- the three, four, maybe even the five and six.  It’s not Game Over- that’s why they created hybrids!  The bigger heads have more forgiveness than their iron counterparts, which means they’re a little easier to hit. 

You might find, however, that you’re more comfortable with fairway woods.  Some things to keep in mind: 

  • The Rules only state you can carry a max of 14 clubs; 

  • There is no Rule stating which clubs they have to be; 

  • To play your best, use whatever works best for your swing.   

There’s no point carry clubs you’ll never hit, or two clubs that carry the ball the same distance. 

Getting fitted will help you sort this all out, and find the clubs that will work for you to help you play better.  If you’re serious about lowering your score, I strongly suggest looking into it. 


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