Drew Lock, QB, Missouri

Drew Lock is the quarterback from the Missouri Tigers and he flashed last year with the SEC record for most touchdown passes in a single season. He features a cannon for an arm and one of the most effortless deep balls in this class. He also provides plenty of zip on his passes. Some would compare him to Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes or Buffalo’s Josh Allen. He also shows the ability to throw under pressure. Lock has the speed to run an option in college and the mobility to get outside the pocket. He has the size and elusiveness you want in a quarterback. He also adds the ability to audible to his game.

For all the potential in Lock, he also comes with his warts. He needs to work on his accuracy. When he misses on a pass, he misses big time. I have even seen him miss on short passes. Along with his accuracy issues come his ball placement issues. He also needs to work on his reads. He has the tendency to stare down the receiver. In the NFL, teams will take advantage of that.

When looking at Lock, I see a first-round pick, but not a top 5 pick. I see him getting drafted in the first round based on potential. He is not a finished product. The biggest reason he is not a top 5 pick is that his accuracy and ball placement are not there. I think he is this year’s Josh Allen. He won’t start right away in the NFL. He will need to develop. I know he will be entering his senior year, but he will still need to become more polished to start in the NFL.


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