Bradley Chubb, DE, N.C. State


Bradley Chubb NFL Draft Profile
Bradley Chubb looks to be the draft’s top defensive end.

Bradley Chubb checks all the boxes for an edge rusher. When rushing the passer, he adds a full arsenal of moves to an athletic ability to execute all of them. What I like most about Chubb is that he is consistently putting pressure on the quarterback. He can beat you to the edge, bend, rip and swim. He is fast enough that he can contain running quarterbacks as well. He was able to catch Lamar Jackson in the backfield trying to run. He also has a decent bull rush. He won’t beat you with it, but he will use his power to push the blocker back. He is a good run stopper, and he can blow up a running play with his ability to beat blockers.

Chubb isn’t just a pass rusher though. He can also function as a 3-4 outside linebacker. He dropped a bit at NC State and has the athleticism to do that well. He is also a high motor guy who will bring it during a running play as well.
Some will say that he didn’t play at an elite school, but he did succeed against elite competition. He has beaten Mike McGlinchey from Notre Dame and was getting pressure against Florida State.

Chubb checks all of the boxes as an edge rusher, and I think that puts him over the top of anyone else in this class including Arden Key. He is likely a top 5 talent, that will probably be taken as soon as a team has any need on the edge. He not only has the athleticism that teams want, he also has the college production as well. I see him succeeding at the combine as well as on tape for teams. He has the size and power to go along with his athleticism.


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