D.K. Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss

D.K. Metcalf is a long receiver (about 6’4) who also has some speed. He is a deep threat that can take the top off of a defense. His best route on tape is his fly route. Metcalf’s strength is his effort getting off the line of scrimmage. Metcalf has decent catching ability. His speed helps him to be a good yards after catch player despite his big frame. He is also hard to bring down after the catch. Metcalf is a big target who can come up with 50-50 balls.

There are a fair amount of weaknesses in Metcalf game. I would say he is an average route runner who looks lazy on some routes. It seems he only had to run a lot of simple routes at Ole Miss so not a complete route tree. He also needs to get in and out of his breaks better. I think drops are a problem for Metcalf as well. This can be a real problem at the next level when the window of opportunity is smaller. I also don’t think Metcalf is a very willing blocker. He is average at best at run blocking.

Metcalf is currently healthy but was out for a lot of 2018 with a neck injury that he had to have surgery for. I would say Metcalf is also only an outside receiver who can’t play in the slot. He is probably a late first-rounder but that is simply a projection of his upside rather than what he is now. I think Metcalf will eventually be an average NFL receiver while quarterbacks will like his big target.


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