Isaiah Wynn, OG, Georgia


Isaiah Wynn
Isaiah Wynn should be a longtime NFL starter.

The aspect of Wynn’s game that helps him be most-effective is his technique. He is a good hand fighter. He is good at picking up stunts. He uses his punch effectively. He also has good footwork. He puts those together and he is the best lineman for Georgia. As a tackle, he learned how to pass block efficiently for he was a guard in his earlier years. Wynn was able in his last year at Georgia to play tackle and hold the point-of-attack. He also has good balance at the second level. He can overpower defenders with his strength and a good base as well. He impressed with his pancake blocks against top level competition.

There are some ways that Wynn could be beaten. Inside, when more athletic interior linemen rushed him, they were able to beat him to his side. I also thought on tape that he could work on his awareness. This is not to say that he lacks football IQ, I just think he needs to get better at reading the defense to take his game to the next level.

Wynn is projected to be a guard in the NFL and there is little question that is what he will be at the next level. He played inside in his younger years, but his last year at Georgia, he was a tackle. This was probably because he developed into being the Bulldog’s best lineman. As a guard, he will function well in either a zone or a gap scheme. Some seem to think he is more of a zone scheme guard, but I would actually say his power is fit for a gap scheme. Wynn is projected to be in the early second-round or late-first round and I would say from his tape that he deserves to be a first-rounder.


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