Jarrett Stidham, QB, Auburn

Jarrett Stidham scouting report
Jarrett Stidham has all the physical tools you look for in a top-flight QB prospect.

Jarrett Stidham is a dual-threat quarterback from a top high school program in Stephenville, Texas. He is an athletic runner with agility for a quarterback. Stidham has shown on tape the ability to fit passes into tight windows. He also looks comfortable against top competition in opponents like Alabama and Georgia. He throws a nice deep ball in terms of accuracy. He also has shown the ability to throw on the run and throw under pressure.

Stidham does not come without his weaknesses. He needs to work on his balance to stay upright in the pocket. He also holds onto the ball too long and needs to get the ball out quicker. He makes blitzing teams look good with his slow decision-making. Stidham had the benefit of being able to throw a lot of short passes and screens within the Auburn offense.

He needs to work on his accuracy as at times he misses badly on throws. He is also an aggressive decision-maker and tries to make difficult throws. He needs to become more consistent throwing under pressure. He also relies too much on the run and needs to become more comfortable in the pocket to become an effective passer at the next level.
Stidham comes with a lot of weaknesses despite his talent.

I think he is a Day Two pick at this point and would probably need to develop more if he is going to play in the NFL. I think he might be smart to stay in school after this year and play out his senior year at Auburn. He still has a ways to go in his development.


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