Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon

Justin Herbert
Justin Herbert could be the first QB picked in 2019.

Justin Herbert can be an impressive prospect on tape. The thing to like about him is that he is capable of fitting passes into tight windows. He is an aggressive thrower and will make professional throws in those tight spaces. Herbert also has a strong arm. He has zip on his passes and is capable of completing the deep ball. I also like that he is able to make throws under pressure. He has been tested early in his college career with the blitz. Herbert is also able to run if he has to. He is more of a smart runner than a speedy runner. He still moves decently for his size. His teammates also said that he has grown in terms of confidence from his freshman year to his sophomore year. Herbert also is more than big enough for the NFL.

The biggest worry about Herbert’s game is that he holds onto the ball too long. He will need to get the ball out quicker in his Junior year if he wants to be the first quarterback drafted. His other problem is that he misses on passes. He needs to be more consistently accurate to be an effective quarterback. It isn’t as exposed in college, but in the NFL he will need to make those tight window passes all the time. I also think he was able to hide himself a bit in Oregon’s offense with a lot of designed wide receiver screen called in the Oregon offense.

Herbert has the ability to be the top quarterback drafted and go in the top five. It’s just a matter of being able to get the ball out quicker and make more consistently accurate passes. There is still a lot of football to be played between now and the next draft, but I think I would put Justin Herbert in the Day One category. He will need to prove himself this year though.


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