Orlando Brown Jr., OT, Oklahoma


The trait that stands out about Orlando Brown is his size. He is monster that stands in at 6’8″ and 360 pounds. He also has long arms which help him keep the defender in check once he gets his hands on them. He shows the ability to overpower defenders with this size. It is fun to watch him pancake defenders. I also like that he can move better on tape than what he showed at the combine.

Despite this size, he does come with his fair share of flaws. He can move decently, but he still needs to would on his kick slide. A way to beat him is to speed rush him to the edge. He was able to rely on his size too much in college. In the NFL, he will need to improve his technique. An area he could improve is his hand technique. I also think he needs to play with a wider base. Brown also did not run well at the combine. It shows that he does not have the natural mobility you need at the next level. It suggests that this is an area that will get exposed in the NFL. A move that gets him is the inside rip as well.

When looking at the size of Orlando Brown, you think he is a surefire first rounder. However, when you look at the tape, you come away not as impressed. There are parts of his technique that can be fixed; however, there are also natural traits that are hard to improve upon. I think Orlando Brown is more of a second or third round talent. I could see him being over-drafted based on his size and the lack of talent at the tackle position. This is a good guard class but there is not as much talent at the tackle position.


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