The Nuggets took down the Cavs last night

At this point in the season, a high tier playoff team let alone defending champs should be firing on all cylinders.

But everyone has their off nights.

Though Gary Harris led the Nuggets in scoring it was all about Wilson Chandler‘s first game back after a 4 game absence from a groin injury where he scored 18 points and played LeBron James with some suffocating Defense in the Denver Nuggets(34-37) stunning 113-126 rout of the Cleveland Cavaliers(46-24) on Wednesday night.

In a head scratching game that saw Cleveland get outscored 70-30 in the paint, the cherry on the proverbial sundae for the Nuggets came in the third quarter when Nikola Jokic backed down LeBron and with plenty of contact, hit a hook shot over James that sent the Pepsi Center into a frenzy.Jokic finished with 16 points and 10 rebounds in the blowout.

“Nikola is not going to back down from anybody, and I think you’ve seen that from our team a little bit, whether we’re playing Golden State, Cleveland, Boston, whoever it is, we’re not going to back down,” said Nuggets coach Michael Malone.

Kyrie Irving led the way for the Cavaliers scoring 33 points and LeBron James scored 18.Both stars sat at most of the fourth quarter already trailing by double-digits.

“They played an exceptional game,” James said. “I didn’t think our physicality was where it needed to be the way how well they moved bodies and moved the ball. They beat us pretty good.”

The Nuggets next game is visiting the Indiana Pacers(36-35) while the Cavs visit the Charlotte Hornets(32-39).Both games are on Friday.


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