The London Lan event took place this weekend

Optic Gaming gaming was taken down.

This weekend the London open LAN event took place bringing together professional Gears of War 4 players from all over the world. The biggest surprise came when the undefeated favorites Optic Gaming took a 2-1 loss to EUnited in the finals of the winner’s bracket.

EUnited player Icy mentioned in an interview that top teams Optic and Envy shouldn’t underestimate them as they are “the best team in the game, the best five players in the game, and you know it”. Icy and his team were able to back up this claim when they defeated Optic Gaming in a tight game, sending them to the loser’s bracket for the first time in the game’s history.

Formerly known as Revenge, Team Allegiance with (possibly) another upset defeating Envy 2-0 to make it into the loser’s bracket finals, where they’d have to defeat Optic in order to advance to the grand finals against EUnited. Allegiance looked to be at the top of their game for this event; and did not go away quietly, but fell short when defeated by Optic 2-0 who advanced to the grand finals against the team who beat them, EUnited.

Everything went right for EUnited, defeating the top team in the tournament and making it to the grand finals where they’d only play them again. Icy was back on twitter to talk trash, telling people their victory over Optic was “not an upset”.

Some believed him as all signs so far pointed to it being true. Being from the winner’s bracket, EUnited only needed two total victories to come away champions while Optic would need to earn four in order to win another tournament.

Unfortunately for EUnited, Icy’s trash talk was premature and untrue, as Optic won four maps straight and wiped the floor with them. Proving once again that they are the undisputed top Gears of War 4 team and earning themselves a hot $150,000 for their trouble.

This tournament showed us that teams are learning as they go, and getting better the more they play. A few teams showed they can almost compete on Optic’s level, but once again none have quite reached them yet.


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