On this episode of The Functional Sportsaholic

We discuss PED use, more drama for the Patriots, LeBron’s theatrics, the Ball Family’s delusion and Sean & Sam’s sports movie hall of fame.

0:01:20: Shout out to the Washington Capitals

0:05:45: Julian Edelman and PEDs

0:09:56: Sam discusses his own prescribed testosterone supplements

0:15:15: Brady threatens to retire if the Pats trade Gronk

0:19:08: Sean discusses and disagrees with Gil Brandt’s top 10 NFL teams

0:20:26: Sam accuses Sean of sports treason

0:25:20: Sam asks why the Pats aren’t on the list

0:28:10: LeBron’s theatrics

0:34:35: Early LeBron’s free agency predictions

0:39:05: The Ball Family

0:52:02: The top movies discussion starts with The Mighty Ducks 2

0:53:56: The Replacements

0:55:20: Point Break

0:56:40: Above the Rim

0:57:20: Cool Runnings

0:58:15: Rudy

0:59:33: Moneyball and Jerry Maguire

1:01:00 Tom Cruise is nuts, but he’s great in a movie

1:03:15 Blue Chips

1:04:50: Shaq is ridiculously smart and successful

1:06:38: Remember the Titans

1:07:55: He Got Game

1:10:12: Rocky IV

1:11:58: Summer Catch

1:17:10: Varsity Blues

1:19:25: The underrated career of Scott Caan


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