Breaking down the results from the Duel EU Online Qualifier


Duel EU Online Qualifier
Looking back at the Duel EU Online Qualifier.

The first portion of the solo tournament section of the Quake World Championships took place on June 29 and July 2. This portion of the tournament was an online qualifier for the Duel game mode in the European half of the bracket. The two-day tournament consisted of nine rounds with 455 contestants.

The first round was a bracket of 512 spots, so some of the top players received an automatic advancement into the round of 256.  None of the top ten players had a match in the RO 512

The second round, the round of 256, the bracket was stuffed. There was a ton of action, but none of the top ten players suffered so much as a round loss, let alone a match loss. That being said, s1ashz (25) lost to Sulekose (232). On top of that, SL1P (11, lost to cnz (267). There were other upsets scattered throughout the round.

The round of 128 brought us our first top-ten upset. Vo0 (131) edged out fazz (3) in a thrilling 2-1 match. Then BaSe (12) went on to lose to GaRpY (396) in a 2-0 pounding, and Cny (13) lost to Frozen (397) 2-1.

The round of 64 brought even more fierce competition to our eyes as roymagic (17) got upset by prox1mo (48), Luminus (73) upset SombrA (9), and ILY4 (227) knocked off wIZZBY (35). We even saw two 400+ seeded players battle it out in a tree that was supposed to have the 25th seeded player dueling the 40th seeded player. We saw GaRpY (396) continue on his destructive path, knocking off Krysa (181), and Frozen (397) did the same, knocking off dimbur00t (180), in the process.

The round of 32 was even a bit crazier. Av3k (8) lost to noctis (424). The rest of the remaining top ten made it through, and there was only one other upset in the top 20 players.  

The round of 16 followed, and the competition was especially intense due to the players knowing that if they won this round, they would make it to the Regional Finals in Burbank, California in August. Man, was it some great competition. The top player in the bracket, toxjq (1), lost 2-1 to Xron (16) in thrilling fashion. The lowest ranked regional finalist so far, noctis (424) finished off his impressive day by smashing Luminus (73). He has yet to even lose a round. Nitrino (5) finished off his clinic of a day, having only lost one round all day long, with a 2-0 win over strenx (236). Agent (4), another player who has yet to lose a round, finished off rell (20) 2-0. Vo0 (131) knocked off zoot (19) in solid fashion. Cooller (6) walked into the finals over HELL (310). In a battle, clawz (10) took out wichtL (7) 2-0, and finally, Cypherrr (2) beat inz (15) in two rounds.

The eight players that will be playing in the regional finals from this tournament are Xron (16), noctis (424), Nitrino (5), Agent (4), Vo0 (131), Cooller (6), clawx (10), and Cypherr (2). Between all eight of the regional finalists, there were only five total round losses.


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