Looking at the Quake World Championships Duel NA Online Qualifier #1 Results


The first portion of the solo tournament section of the Quake World Championships took place on June 30 and July 2. This portion of the tournament was an online qualifier for the Duel game mode in the North American half of the bracket. The two-day tournament consisted of nine rounds with 263 contestants, 192 less than the European counterpart of this tournament.

The first round was a bracket of 512 spots, so there were less than ten matches in the first round.

The second round, the round of 256, brought the excitement immediately. Salty (2) lost immediately to Nemesiah (255) in the biggest upset of the tournament. The Canadian player, unrealdude (12) was upset by boots (245) in another huge upset. On top of that, wrjthe (19) was thumped by sane (238).

The next round, the round of 128, fared no better for some of the top ranked duelists. The highest ranked player in the tournament, mojo (1), was thumped by sox (128). RayVac (13) lost a close match to Tenseko (116). On top of that, Carrots (15) got his handed to him by k6u (114), and tomservo (16) didn’t fare any better against pl4gue (113).

The round of 64 appeared to calm down a little bit for the top ten, as they did not lose any more players. That being said, just outside of the top ten, br1ck (11) suffered a loss to deathr0w (75).

The round of 32 wasn’t as nice. ScizR (221) beat whaz (4) in a 2-1 showdown, and Stone (14) was kicked out by sane (238). In another upset, mavLP (18) got the boot from lavak3 (207).

As it must be, the round of 16 was an incredibly brutal round. With so many top players left, only half of them could go on to the regional finals, and the competition was stiff. Thump4 (17) was thumped by malvoe (32). In a battle of extremely close seeds as well as the two highest Canadians in the fray, griffin (9) put an end to id_ (8). CLAMP (5) did what needed to be done to get by Napalm3D (21). ScizR’s (221) improbably run came to an end against erebux (20), and sane’s (238) run that wasn’t exactly likely came to an end against Necrophag1st (3). As the last remaining Canadian, gellehsak (22) took the opportunity to be the second player to represent his country in the Regional Finals and beat carnage (6) 2-1 in a thrilling upset. In another closely seeded match, change (7) took out dooi (10), and to finish up the tournament, lavak3 (207) beat out jrmy (162) to become this qualifier’s lowest seeded regional finalist.

The eight players that will be playing in the regional finals from this tournament are malvoe (32), griffin (9), CLAMP (5), erebux (20), Necrophag1st (3), gellehsak (22), chance (7), and lavak3 (207). Between all eight of the regional finalists, there were nine total round losses.



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