A look at the Sacrifice EU Online Qualifier #2


The second and final portion of the Quake World Championships Regional Qualifier for the Sacrifice game mode in the European region took place on July 8-9. This qualifier had exactly 32 teams check in, meaning only three rounds of action took place.

The first round, the round of 32, had a full 16 matches. It went pretty much how you’d expect. There were few upsets, although some familiar faces from last week’s competition did end up seeing their dreams fall short one more time. In fact, both of the major upsets were teams who had been at the competition last week. asdf (11) was upset at both tournaments, although this time by Blood Rush (22). Team-pRophecy QC (10) lost to Last Minute (23).

The second round, the round of 16, led to more upsets as OverPowered! (6) was overpowered by Blood Rush (22). The other top 5 seeds did exactly as you’d expect and worked their way through. Otherwise, it was a fairly normal round. Very few surprises, but some fun play to watch.

The quarterfinals brought the heat. As the last round before qualification, teams go all out. miasma! (1), myztro (2), and Avengers (3) all did their job and did what people expected of them. Dreams and Magic (4), on the other hand, slipped a bit. The team ended up losing to RushB (5) 2-0. That match resulted in the biggest shakeup we’ve seen in Sacrifice play so far this tournament, at least once the dust had settled.

As with last time, the four qualifiers went through the bracket without as much as losing a match. The main difference between this time and last time is the fifth seed made it into the regional tournament over the 4th seed.

Due to there only being two regional qualifiers for each region in the Sacrifice game mode, the participants in the European Regional are set. The next time the teams will play will be at the European Regional Finals in Leicester, UK on August 5 and August 6. The qualified teams are pictured below.

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