The NFL is likely to change a couple of rules.


There is plenty of traction for the rumor that NFL owners will approve a new rule that will allow two players to be given the ability to return from IR to the 53 man roster. The rule used to be that players on injured reserve were allowed to stay under contract, but were not allowed to play for the rest of the year. The NFL has been toying with that idea the past couple of years. The first move was to allow one player that made the initial 53 man roster to be given a designation to return label. That means the player would be out eight weeks, but that they could return to the 53 man roster. The next move was to let any one player on IR come back as long as they were off the roster for eight weeks. They did not need to be designated when they were injured. Now there is a proposal that is likely to pass that will allow two players come back from injured reserve.

This rule change will give teams more flexibility with putting players on injured reserve. Teams will now be able to pick which two players they want to come back from IR onto the 53 man roster. This helps because when the designation was required, the player may not make it back from injury and then you have wasted the ability to bring another player back. With two players being able to come back from IR, teams will be able to bring back another player from IR as long as they have been out for eight weeks.

There is also an expected overtime rule to be approved. Now overtime will likely be ten minutes instead of the traditional quarter length of 15 minutes. This rule will likely result in more ties and more aggressive play calling to win at the end of a game. ( The rationale behind the rule is to make the game safer so players are not playing 75-minute games. Personally, I think the overtime rules in college football are better than in the NFL. The games in college are decided on quick possessions and the coin toss has less of an effect on the game.


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