It’s refreshing to see someone going through down times take notice that someone else may have it worse than they do.

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Ricardo Lockette displayed such humility this past week.

After being checked out of the hospital for neck surgery, Lockette walked out and saw a group of homeless people.

Lockette had his driver swing through a McDonald’s, where he bought 100 cheeseburgers, and then went back to pass them out. His parents were with him, and his father confirmed the story.

“He had a neck brace on while he was passing out the burgers,” Earl Lockette said. “So some people were like, ‘What happened to you?’ But Ricardo didn’t try and bring attention to who he was. Some people knew who he was. But this was more about Ricardo seeing people who were in worse shape than him, and wanting to help them however he could.

“It was a beautiful thing. Through helping other people, he helped heal himself. It was therapeutic for everyone.”

The Seahawks don’t know if he’ll be able to return next year, after he was injured in a game against the Cowboys. He had to have surgery to repair ligament and disc damage, and was released from the hospital last week.


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