Could Shane Doan be moved?

Shane  Doan
Shane Doan would consider a trade.

The Arizona Coyotes did not ask their longtime captain to waive his no-movement clause, however, Doan said he would agree to do so.

He would only be interested in going to a Stanley Cup contending team of course, and said in an interview with – “it would have to be so perfect and so right that it’s pretty hard for it to all line up perfectly.”

He, of course, being the longest tenured NHL captain and having played his full career of 1508 games with the Coyotes organization, would definitely have a hard time leaving them even if it meant a Stanley Cup.

Doan said his family would be his number one priority in the decision if it came to it. He did say his kids are “so old now they’d probably want me out of the house.” But assured’s interviewers that he did not simply say he would agree to a trade, but that he’d be open to the option.

The Arizona Coyotes are in 29th place in the league out of 30 teams. Their 13-23-6 record bests only the Colorado Avalanche and is not one a soon-to-be retiree like Shane Doan would have a shot at a championship with.

Doan and the Coyotes have just 5 wins in their 21 games played since December 1st.


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